wharf rat

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someone who lives near wharves and lives by pilfering from ships or warehouses

brown rat that infests wharves

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And this month they are inviting supporters to join them for The Wharf Rats Pie Night at the Leggers on Wednesday, March 30 at 7.
Organiser of the 1,000 mile motorcycle run for the Air Ambulance, Craig Andrews (front) with other members of Dewsbury motorcycle group, the Wharf Rats
Wild Norway rats-also called wharf rats, sewer rats or brown rats-can weigh nearly 2 pounds and transmit a variety of diseases to humans.
There are also a large number of scorpions and wharf rats.
THE European premiere of the play From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks is at the Casa in Hope Street tonight and tomorrow.
Those belly-crawling wharf rats should have surrendered when they had the chance.
Brinkley as a kid, wandering down to the docks at the end of Walnut Street in Wilmington, North Carolina, watching as bales of cotton are compressed to a third of their original size so they can fit in the hold of a freighter; watching as men shoot big ugly wharf rats with .
The riders, all members of the Dewsbury Wharf Rats motorcycle club, have set a target of PS2,500.
Since the Cold War thawed, le Carre's spies, counterspies and various shady emigres, embittered intellectuals, secret-sharers and wharf rats no longer are locked into the threadbare old boxing arena of East vs.
Page 15 BIKERS from the Dewsbury Wharf Rats motorcycle club are to embark on a 24-hour return ride to John O' Groats in Scotland.