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hit hard

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Figure 3 summarizes the mean densities of the 32 different families of reef fishes observed on Kona reefs during the 2003 WHAP surveys.
A special thanks to Aaron Whap and Tony Yellub for making available themselves and their dinghies to take us on our daily journeys to and from Pulu.
Fel ddywedodd y dyn bach wrth i mi dalu am betrol neithiwr, ``Fydd Nadolig 'ma whap, a wedyn fydd hi'n haf
But at 15-40, Pistol Pete will simply sigh, wind up his arm and whap down four more to weaken the Frenchman's resolve and finally destroy him.
Surviving heat and bloody nose: Tiger Woods survived the heat to shoot a 70 in the first round of the Asian Honda Classic in Bangna, Thailand, and bloodied Lee Petters survived a whap in the nose to lead the tournament with a 6-under-par 66.
He does his little Canadian whap thing, which is tobacco and weed mixed together.
Whap, dyma ddangos gyfrolau John Redwood ynghyd a chip o'r cyn Ysgrifennydd Gwladol yn meimio canu Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau pwr dab (chafodd e ddim athrawes fel Ffion Jenkins welwch chi).
Tenders are invited for Automotive And Electronics Spares Of Whap
A means of lulling us into a false sense of security, and then whap - several years down the line you are told that you have "let yourself go".
Limited Tenders are invited for Study Of Blast Effects Of Cylindrical Charges To Hemispherical Charges On The Whap Hull
A flower grows, then whaps him in the face; a line becomes a box that traps him inside.
You're into the rhythm now--rod flexing, fly swinging--and then your rod goes thunk as something rudely whaps your fly.