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Synonyms for whang

the act of hitting vigorously

Related Words

beat with force

Related Words

propel or hit with force

Related Words

attack forcefully

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For us, it was always about sharing in the joy of the prize at the end of the hunt and with LePrix, we are excited to offer just that," said Elise Whang, co-founder and CEO of LePrix.
One outside-the-box measure that some content creators may want to consider in a hypothetical non-neutral internet future is thinking beyond American borders, Whang predicts.
Whang has developed into a real disco diva and her brassy vocals are the highlight of eight-minute dance extravaganza A Place Called Space.
Ex-LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang along with regular festival headliners Pleasurekraft and London based duo The 2 Bears will bring the Casa Bacardi festivities to a close on Sunday night.
Apple credits the following people: Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ive, Daniel Coster, Bartley Andre, Richard Howarth, Daniele De luliis, Mathew Dean Rohrbach, Shin Nishibori, Duncan Kerr, Richard Howarth, Calvin Seid, Douglas Satzger, Eugene Whang, Christopher Stringer and Rico Zorkendorfer for the invention.
Talley Whang will practice as a dermatologist at Reliant's North Lake Avenue location in Worcester, while Dr.
Whang as executive chairman(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Many Brazilian and South American brands and retailers require production proximity for speed to market, so we are now better positioned to ensure fast delivery to these regions," says Yun-Eun Whang, president of Hyosung's Spandex Performance Unit.
Whang chose images from the masterpieces of Korean and Chinese ink landscapes and digitized them (usually enlarging them in the process) so that the subtle brushstrokes and the ink's nuances and gradations turned into a binary code, according to which the tiny square plastic blocks were then arranged.
John Yoo, of Fairview Elementary in Columbia, Missouri, who is taught by MTNA member Judy Shaw; and Esther Whang of Mary Paxton Keeley Elementary in Columbia, taught by MTNA member Mabel Kinder are among the winners of the Creating Original Music Project (C.
William Whang and associates note, also suggest a specific association between antidepressant use and sudden cardiac death.
It's important for women with depression to be aware of the possible association between depression and heart disease, and work with their health care providers to manage their risk for coronary heart disease," says William Whang, M.
According to The Juan Maclean's core and frontman, John Maclean, having vocalist Nancy Whang step into a bigger role on The Future Will Come was similar to when Human League added female singers to their group.