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Synonyms for wham

Synonyms for wham

hit hard

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A DAY AT THE RACES: Excellent sailing conditions prevailed last Sunday afternoon at Boshaw Whams, Hade Edge, where Huddersfield Sailing Club members organised charity contests for the RNLI Pictures by Malcolm Howarth (zy060708Dsailing-2); THEY'RE OFF: Charity sailors in action at the start of the RNLI fund raising races on Boshaw Whams reservoir (zy060708Dsailing-1)
Arthur Quarmby, Chief Constable of the Graveship of Holme, adds further light on Boshaw Whams.
Bowshaw Whams were two small lakes which were there long before the present reservoir was built," says Mr Quarmby.
I have seen in springtime a flock of newly-arriving swallows circling round over the reservoir and then breaking up into individuals who flew off in all directions, and suspect that the Whams at Boshaw may have been used as a navigating point for migrating birds, perhaps for thousands of years.