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Synonyms for whammy

an object or power that one uses to cause often evil events

Synonyms for whammy

a serious or devastating setback

an evil spell

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A double whammy is a situation that is bad in two different ways: a situation in which two bad conditions exist at the same time or two bad things happen one after the other.
Besides lower sales, tablets running on Android OS outsold Apple's iPad in the country for the first time, representing the second whammy to hit Apple.
Dr Grimes derived equations describing how string bending, vibrato and whammy bars changed the pitch of a note and found that the properties of the strings had a big effect on the change in pitch, in particular the Young's modulus (a measure of how much the string stretches under force) and how thick the strings were.
Ash cops a double whammy From Back Page charge which could bring another fine.
Double Whammy Unlimited-Teen/Child: Offering unlimited, unrestricted skiing and riding at Northstar and Sierra, the price of the teen ($449) and child ($119) pass will remain unchanged.
Since its first recorded appearance nearly 70 years ago, a whammy has been a curse, a blow, a serious mistake or a disaster.
MY WEEK Punting high A back-to-lay of Rubi Light at Punchestown, getting rid of the pre-race bet at very short odds, while backing Mourad to beat Robbie Hennessy's hurdler when he had 15 lengths to claw back - a double whammy that worked in my favour for once Punting low Getting caught out by hard-pullers that win.
The double whammy of Christmas and the credit crunch will make the first full week of January one of the busiest ever.
That's "a double whammy," says Clive Wilkinson, an ecologist at the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre in Townsville, Australia.
The prolific Jeffrey Dunne scored a triple whammy with three major sales in Connecticut this week.
Regulars are already pointing out that if the Gatwick Express were to go they would be hit by a double whammy.
Sick poultry are a double whammy for poverty-stricken Africans.
William Spriggs, chairman of the economics department at Howard University and a member of the BLACK ENTERPRISE Board of Economists, says reducing pension benefits is a double whammy for some workers because a number of unions had previously agreed to wage concessions in favor of greater retirement benefits.
Pollen's double whammy causes the often quick, intense allergic reaction seen in sensitized patients, explains lead author Istvan Boldogh, a molecular biologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.
The double whammy of lost lives and lost livelihood brings home the fact that poor countries are much more innately vulnerable to the shifting tides of tourism than the rich travelers who partake in it.