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Synonyms for whaler

a seaman who works on a ship that hunts whales

a ship engaged in whale fishing


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BCGP Director of Sales Jeremy Davis said, "The Boston Whaler Justice boats are the product of years of collaboration with direct input from senior SOUTHCOM leadership.
We won this race and were told that we had won by 20 lengths, our other crews apart from one also won their races, most of them over a mile and a half except the racing whaler, a single-banked boat over the same two-mile course.
As part of his studies Matthew, from Tynemouth, is analysing 60 log books belonging to whaling vessels between 1750 and 1850, which contain descriptions of sea ice advancing and retreating, recorded by whalers who ventured farther north than anyone else and lived on the ice edge.
The whaler was anchored off a known pirate camp and, once permission had been given to take it out, the Royal Marines marksmen fired their M3M .
But the shark - believed to be only 9Olbs short of the biggest bronze whaler ever caught off Namibia -was released back into the ocean to fight another day.
WHALE PAINTING: Success to the James of Liverpool, the only painting of a whaler from the city
It was the trip of a lifetime,' said 47-year-old John Griffiths, from Tonyrefail, who landed the 320lb bronze whaler shark that was the heaviest fish.
Nevertheless, the multitalented singer-songwriter-musician and self-described "omnisexual" recalls clearly what she gained from the experience, especially when her label balked at releasing her second album, Whaler.
One Makah whaler said the feeling May 17 was "indescribable.
Webb, born in Rouses Point, New York, read Moby-Dick and decided to be a whaler.
Included in Appendices are the journal of the whaler Caroline on the Northwest coast during September 1843 and a thorough description of the Rose Harbour Whaling Station in 1928 on Kunghit Island in B.
19199/Dk Whaler/Ncc Hq/Lgs(Pur Cell)/2011-2013 For Supply Of Dk Whaler
One of the earliest oils by Tyneside artist Robert Jobling, who was born in 1841, shows a whaler at anchor at Dent's Hole.
A ship will be sent to retrieve two seized activists from a Japanese whaler in Antarctic waters, the Australian government announced yesterday.