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a long narrow boat designed for quick turning and use in rough seas

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In December 1198, Bass and six others rowed a locally-built whaleboat out of the heads, turned left, hoisted the sail and undertook the first close European examination of the New South Wales south coast.
the tongue of his foreplane whistles its wild ascending lisp, The married and unmarried children ride home to their thanksgiving dinner, The pilot seizes the king-pin, he heaves down with a strong arm, The mate stands braced in the whaleboat, lance and harpoon are ready, The duck-shooter walks by silent and cautious stretches, The deacons are ordained with crossed hands at the altar, The spinning-girl retreats and advances to the hum of the big wheel, The farmer stops by the bars of a Sunday and looks at the oats and rye.
Duffy, Glenda, Simone J Ross, Torres S Woolley, Sundram Sivamalai, Donald Whaleboat and Adrian Miller 2013 'Processes and outcomes for a successful engagement between a medical school and a remote Indigenous community in North Queensland, Australia', Rural and Remote Health 13:1-10.
The whaleship as factory, the whaleboat the precision instrument.
Code named Culper Senior, Abraham delivers the messages to Caleb Brewster, a whaleboat owner.
Returning home, Roe placed the report in a box buried in an open field, where Woodhull recovered it, added his own observations, and gave it to Lieutenant Caleb Brewster, a Long Island whaleboat captain.
Stories of their courage abound--from the Marine who directed air strikes while swimming off-shore after his helicopter was shot down, to the sailors in the motor whaleboat who took on dug-in heavy weapons with small arms, to the Air Force pilots who forced their way into the landing zones while taking hits.
The cables in the davits got bird caged and you'd see a ship at the pier with a motor whaleboat hanging bow down off a davit as if it wanted to dive under the water.
The author, a retired Aboriginal elder and community leader, singer and songwriter, who trained as a nurse and who cared for the babies of the mothers on the island, wrote the brief story, and the illustrator, from Aurukun who knew Fantome Island well as a member of the whaleboat crew who took freight there, provides the drawings from his memory.
The Pequod goring the waves under an ominous sky and a whaleboat in pursuit are two of the illustrations accompanying the chapter "Herman Melville"; each foreshadows the "madness maddened" of Captain Ahab / Melville.
The third section, "Fishing for a Living: 1840-1920," gives visitors the opportunity to see a 30-foot wooden whaleboat while listening to traditional whaling songs and sea chanteys.
9) Still he played his part in rescue operations during the 1832 flood, rowing a whaleboat to rescue an old marine, William O'Donnell, sitting on the roof of his hut.