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large spotted shark of warm surface waters worldwide

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JAMES, Sadie The Whale Shark Song Cabarita Pub, 2012 unpaged $16.
What I hope to achieve from the study is to produce baseline data on whale shark ecology in the region so that future studies have something to compare to.
to lead an international team to investigate the movements of whale sharks, Rhincodon typus, at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia,.
Those who watched the lift-out were amazed when a team of divers plunged into the waters and manoeuvred a six-metre-long plastic bag of sorts into place directly in front of the slowly-swimming whale shark.
The report says that campaigners are asking Dubai's Atlantis hotel to give out details about the recent release of 'Sammy', the female whale shark the hotel "rescued" 18-months ago.
Aa "This will give us the opportunity to continue to learn from her and share that research within the whale shark community.
Tagging whale sharks is a part of Iemanya's overall efforts to protect the ocean and its inhabitants, and show how endangering one species can affect the entire ecosystem.
Thanks to increasing levels of data collection, we're finally able to estimate how many whale sharks appear annually, how long they typically remain at Ningaloo Marine Park (NMP), their patterns of arrival and departure, and shifts in their population structure" says one of the authors, Brad Norman, founder of the independent ECOCEAN whale shark project (see ECOS 133 and 137).
Brad Norman has dedicated most of his adult life to the pursuit, identification, understanding and protection of the world's largest fish, Rhincodon typus, the aptly named whale shark.
The largest fish ever caught was a 59ft whale shark of the coast of Thailand in 1919
In the western Gulf of Mexico, whale shark SPUE was significantly greater in the summer than during the fall or winter; there was no significant difference between summer and spring.
The whale shark bears distinct white spots on its back, creating identifiable starlike patterns or "fingerprints" that can help scientists track individual animals' movements.
Tour-boat operators in the waters around Ningaloo Reef log the length of every whale shark, or Rhincodon typus (RYN-cuh-don TY-pus), they encounter.
The devil ray and whale shark dried meat were popular for food consumption in the Visayas, until the fishing of giant manta rays and whale shark was banned in 1998.