whale oil

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a white to brown oil obtained from whale blubber


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Growing demand from Europe first for coal oil and then kerosene replaced demand for whale oil.
Various sized barrels stored cargo and provisions: whale oil, molasses, potatoes, apples and fish were among them.
1938, indicates that the bid was 19,000 [pounds sterling] for the stations and equipment and 39,000 [pounds sterling] for oil stored in Rotterdam, or $300,000 including whale oil.
The issue became controversial when Mr Key admitted in November that he deleted all messages sent by Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, who was castigated in the book "Dirty Politics," for having worked as a hired blogger of the National Party with the intent of maligning rival parties and leaders, reported Stuff.
The cliffs remained stained with the colors from his activity, Sayet said -- red from the whale's blood, yellow from the whale oil and black from the charcoal of Moshup's fire.
Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil, moved America out of whale oil and into petroleum," said Stephen Heintz, president of RBF.
Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" is a classic novel documenting the era when whale oil "lit the lamps of the world.
The most active and energetic of all of Hager's numerous targets is Cameron Slater, famed for being the Whale Oil blogger whose emails have been hacked by a gentleman variously known as Whaledump / Rawshark.
WE guard OUR homes and cities with light--first fires, then candles, then whale oil lamps, then Edison's incandescent bulbs, and now (if you're feeling green) compact fluorescent bulbs.
Today, New Bedford is once again tying its future to energy -- only this time it s focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy production rather than whale oil.
To try and treat the condition, which left feet numb and swollen with open sores and gangrene - causing thousands of amputations - soldiers tried to change into dry socks throughout the day and covered their feet in whale oil.
Bryan Clare explained why the railway line from Whitby to Pickering was so important, originally based on the sale of whale oil, landed at Whitby by the fifty or so Whaling boats sailing from Whitby harbour, and the need for salt to cure the Whale meat.
Atlantic Coast--were first sent to processing factories in New England and the mid-Atlantic region in the mid 1800s to become fertilizer and a cheap substitute for whale oil, which was used in everything from leather tanning to cosmetics.
This is true whether we are talking about firewood, charcoal, whale oil, coal, nuclear, or petroleum.