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Synonyms for whacko

a person who is regarded as eccentric or mad

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They're trying to make me some cult whacko,''he adds.
OTCBB:BMOO) announces today it has acquired Whacko Records, a comedy label, based in South Florida.
These are our basic customer groups: stinkies, yuppies, dinkies, wrinklies, and whackos.
Not only were the two North Hollywood bank robbers a couple of vicious whackos, they made law-abiding gun enthusiasts look bad, said John Wilcox, one of many weapons aficionados who flocked to a gun show at the Pomona Fairplex over the weekend.
A new book that offers a perceptive insider look at how to become a successful writer in the Hollywood world of talented egomaniacs, workaholics and whackos has just been announced by Break-Into-Showbiz.