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a chemical agent capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved

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A New, Environmentally Friendly Wetting Agent for Architectural Coatings," Paint Coat.
The silicone carbinol fluid was compared with other materials used as wetting agents within the color cosmetic industry.
However, a trend toward using fluorosurfactants as wetting agents in fluids such as developers has caused concern, since fluorosurfactants can cause stress cracking in PFAs.
Studies have shown that these pellets often host such toxic chemicals as polychlorinated biphenyls; (PCBs), DDE (a breakdown product of DDT), and nonylphenols (commercial wetting agents that are now known to mimic the hormone estrogen).
Abitec, with manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America, manufactures bodying agents, carriers, dispersants, emollients, moisturizers, solubilizers, viscosity modifiers, specialty bases, wetting agents and nutritional supplements.
Antifoamers, Defoamers, Detergents, Dispersants, Emulsifiers, Foaming agents, Foam boosters, Foam stabilizers, Solubilizers, Surfactant intermediates, Surfactant raw materials, Wetting agents
Additives offered: Airase defoamers and deaerators, ZetaSperse dispersants, Dynol superwetters, Surfynol wetting agents, Carbowet surfactants and EnviroGem additives.
At even lower HLB values, ethoxylates begin to function more similarly to wetting agents.
Other niche applications of LAB include ink solvents, agricultural herbicides, wetting agents, emulsion polymerization, electric cable oil, and the paint industry.
Based on low- and mid-MW stabilizing polymers and strong pigment wetting agents, this robust combination provides a ready dispersant solution to many common pigment chemistries, regardless of source or variation in surface treatments.
The unique chemistry is said to offer high oxygen transmission, a low modulus, natural water-loving material and no surface treatment or wetting agents.
The new Tacolyn 3509, a low surface tension resin dispersion for use in waterborne adhesives for tapes and labels, eliminates the need for surfactants or other wetting agents in waterborne adhesives.
Unlike most hard coatings, Visgard's anti-fogging is permanent, because the wetting agents are chemically bonded to the plastic.
As water becomes more of a valuable commodity, they now add wetting agents to potting composts to stop water simply draining away.
Chemicals--Used for special problems and applications, chemical additives include soda ash, wetting agents, and polymers.