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a chemical agent capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved

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A grind aid will serve to enhance wetting and milling efficiency, but a dynamic wetting agent may be all that is typically needed (Figure 8).
Additives offered: Airase defoamers and deaerators, ZetaSperse dispersants, Dynol superwetters, Surfynol wetting agents, Carbowet surfactants and EnviroGem additives.
Among the silicones that can lead to next-generation color cosmetics, bishydroxyethoxypropyl dimethicone is a versatile material that acts as a wetting agent to stably disperse pigments and actives, while also providing moisturization and fragrance retention.
EnviroGem(TM) AE Surfactants and EnviroGem(TM) AD01 Low Foam Wetting Agent were introduced at Air Products' exhibit at the International Coatings Expo 2001 in Atlanta, Ga.
In contrast monoTEX F is a moderating and wetting agent that behaves almost linear towards changes in process temperature and alkali concentration and operates at temperatures far below its boiling point.
The competitive carbon black pigments were all well stabilized for comparison (90 percent active wetting agent to pigment).
FlameOut is also a dually UL Listed wetting agent and low density form for both Class A and Class B fires with a listing number of 7P21.
Conversely, carbon black dust cannot be dispersed in water without assistance such as a wetting agent or steam grinding.
has been awarded a patent for a resin based fluorescent paint for marking items comprised of a polyurethane resin present in a concentration of approximately 55% to 65% weight of the paint; a solvent for and compatible with the resin present in a concentration of 5% to 10% weight of the paint; a gelative additive present in a concentration of 1 % to 5% weight of the paint; a rheological additive present in a concentration of 1% to 5% weight of the paint; an anti-skinning additive present in a concentration of 1% to 5% weight of the paint; a fluorescent pigment present in a concentration of 20% to 30% weight of the paint; a synthetic drier in a concentration of less than 1 % weight of the paint; and a wetting agent in a concentration of less than 1% weight of the paint.
FirePower 911 contains FlameOut(TM) concentrate, a UL listed wetting agent for Class A and B fires, listing number 7P21.
These parameters include the quality of the ultrasonic cleaning unit, solution temperature, use of the proper solution, length of cleaning time and the addition of a wetting agent or surfactant to the bath.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of following Surfactant for 4900 MT DDT WDP Formulation, Surfactant for 1000 MT Malathion WDP Formulation, Emulsifiers for 40 KL DDVP SL Formulation, Emulsifiers for 300 KL Malathion EC Formulation, Wetting agent for 1000 MT Malathion WDP Form, China clay - 2000 MT, Kaolin clay - 283 MT, Diatomaceous Earth - 400 MT, Hydroquinone - 3.
Poly Chem Alloy is also showcasing Polyguard 75707N, a special flame-retardant concentrate for nylon that utilizes a proprietary wetting agent to achieve up a 75% loading of DBDPO.
FirePower 911(TM) contains FlameOut(TM), a dually listed wetting agent and low-density foam for Class A and B fires by Underwriters Laboratories, No.
is increasing the price of its Surfadone LP-100 wetting agent, also known as N-octyl pyrrolidone (NOP) effective immediately, or as contracts allow.