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Synonyms for wetland

Synonyms for wetland

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

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a low area where the land is saturated with water

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Wetland and stream ecosystems play a critical role in regional water quality by filtering polluted upland runoff.
Wenliang Wang, Chairman of the China Rilin Industrial Group, for his conservation efforts to restore the Dandong Yalu River Estuary Wetland in China.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Climate Change Mushahid Ullah Khan Sunday said conserving wetlands and protecting them from any damage is critical for their sustainability, as these water bodies play a vital role for environmental services, human survival, biological diversity and mitigating (impacts of) floods.
Islamaba -- Federal Minister for Climate Change, Mushahid Ullah Khan, said conserving wetlands and protecting them from any damage is critical for their sustainability.
Of 91 wetland projects researchers were given permission to access, 12 never were built at all.
One key role of DES is the management and protection of wetland resources while also accommodating potential development and the growth of a strong economy.
Texas contains a diversity of wetland habitat types, both natural and anthropogenic.
adaptation to climate change and the role of wetland services (including those that help reduce desertification);
Fringe wetlands were typically located at lower elevations -- closer to the valley floor -- averaging 413 feet (126 meters) above sea level, while the other wetland types were found at higher elevations and averaged 564 feet (172 meters) above sea level.
Statewide, there are currently 19 wetland mitigation banks, with more in the approval process pipeline.
Three wetlands have been included in the Prime Minister's construction package namely: Wular Lake, Surinsar Mansar in Jammu region and Sobrari wetland in Ladakh," said A.
The Wetland Vision Partnership said increasing pressure on land use and a changing climate meant wetlands need to be protected, restored and extended in the coming decades.
While society seems to increasingly value wetland services such as water quality improvement, flood control, wildlife habitat, and recreation, individual owners of wetlands are often unable to profit from their wetlands' provision of such public goods (Heimlich et al.
Overall, we found no evidence to support the hypothesis that wetland characteristics facilitate the presence of P multocida and, thereby, allow some wetlands to serve as long-term sources (reservoirs) for P multocida.
The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is celebrating World Wetlands Day by offering everyone a fun-packed and entirely free visit to any of the nine wetland centres across the UK and Northern Ireland on Thursday, February 2.