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SCORING Edinburgh: Craig Cook (captain) 7, Justin Sedgmen 11+2, Kevin Wolbert 12, Erik Riss 6+1, Sam Masters 11, Max Clegg 5+1, Rob Branford 4+2 Newcastle: Stevie Worrall 9, Liam Carr (guest) 2+1, Lewis Kerr - Rider replacement, Anton Rosen 7+1, Ludvig Lindgren (captain) 11+2, Simon Nielsen 5, Matthew Wethers 0 BANDITS LOSE BERWICK Bandits lost 57-35 to Plymouth Devils in last night's Premier League battle in the west country.
GLASGOW: Shane Parker 14, George Stancl 12, Trent Leverington 10, Matthew Wethers 7, James Birkinshaw 6, James Cockle 5.
Individual Riders' Scorecharts: Workington: Ricky Wells 15, Rusty Harrison - Rider replacement, Rene Bach 10+3, Kenneth Hansen 17+1, Kyle Howarth (captain) 7, Ryan Blacklock (guest) 1, Matthew Wethers 9+2 Berwick: Rohan Tungate (guest) 4, Anders Mellgren 5, Ryan Fisher (guest) 11+1, Claus Vissing - Rider replacement, Kevin Doolan (captain) 7, Coty Garcia 2+1, Richard Hall 4+1
MISFIRING Matthew Wethers yesterday admitted he's baffled at his poor form for Edinburgh Monarchs this season.
But, with the track drying out, the diminutive Franc delighted his army of fans at Brough Park by taking the penultimate heat, while Tomicek grabbed the match-winning third place point with a splendid outside overtake of Matthew Wethers.
The second was an equally hard-fought contest won by Tero Aarnio after passing Jan Graversen, as Simon Nielsen passed Matthew Wethers for a 4-2 putting Newcastle 7-5 ahead.
Meanwhile, nothing went right for Newcastle's Conference League team at Armadale where, despite the efforts of John Branney and Byron Bekker, four home riders were paid for maximum points, including Matthew Wethers who played a starring role as a Diamonds' guest just a few days earlier.
The Diamonds responded well going 10-up, 17-7 by the end of heat four highlighted by new boy Tero Aarnio's excellent win in heat two's 4-2 - and he backed that up magnifi-cently with a paid win behind skipper Ludvig Lindgren in heat four over the hard-battling Matthew Wethers.
EDINBURGH'S opening-night tussle with Glasgow came to an abrupt end after a nasty crash involving Aussie kids Matthew Wethers and Robert Ksiezak.
Australians Matthew Wethers and Cameron Woodward, who performed so well for the Diamonds in Sunday's win over King's Lynn, could not be considered tonight as they rode at Berwick for Edinburgh last Saturday and thus fall foul of the sport's seven-day rule regarding guests.
Skipper Doolan overpowered former Bandit Matthew Wethers, his 2-4 putting Berwick 10-8 up.
GLASGOW'S opening-night tussle with Edinburgh came to an abrupt end after a nasty crash involving Aussie kids Matthew Wethers and Robert Ksiezak.
Newcastle, badly hit by the absence of Jesper Olsen, Lee Dicken and Kevin Little through injury, tracked two 19-year-old Australians, Matthew Wethers and Cameron Woodward, as guests, and the Edinburgh duo fought like tigers in every race.
Edberg took heat two as well ahead of his skipper Matty Wethers to put the Bandits amazingly 8-4 ahead, but a win for Steve Worrall in the third and Doolan regaining second reduced the deficit to two.
Monarchs - R Brady 7, D Nermark 7, T Pijper 10, W Lawson 6, R Harrison 9, M Wethers 10, R Ksiezak 2.