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Synonyms for strength

Synonyms for strength

the state or quality of being physically strong

power used to overcome resistance

the condition of being free from defects or flaws

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Synonyms for strength

capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war

the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty

capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects

the condition of financial success

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As shown in Figure 3, adding other carbohydrates to the isolate caused only a small drop in wet strength but the results varied with type of carbohydrate.
The best results were obtained in experimental manufacture by using fiber furnishes of 100-percent strong bleached sulfate pulps with melamine-formaldehyde resin for wet strength and titanium dioxide for opacity.
Figure 3 shows the effect of chaotropic agents (urea, guanidine hydrochloride, dicyandiamide, and lithium perchlorate) on dry and wet strength with 5 percent PAE polymer.
Its wet strength integrity also makes it an ideal base sheet for wet wipes.
The HMR primer produced no significant increases in wet strength in any of the three wet tests.
This portfolio is known for its high strength, printability, convertibility and broad range of grease resistant, PFOA free and wet strength options.
Previously, there was more allowance of flexible specifications and tolerances with uncoated wet strength sheets," says Wilson.
Voith Paper and Triitzchler have jointly developed a manufacturing process, using cellulose, to make wetlaid and hydroentangled nonwovens with a high level of wet strength.
89 gsm) heavyweight wet strength label paper designed for large glass and plastic containers used in food, beverage and condiment applications.
The patent-pending polymer system, Nacrylic STP, adds value to chemically bonded wipes by supporting the wet strength requirements of products containing lotions and by triggering the wipe to fully disperse while in the presence of excess water.
Functional chemicals, on the other hand, impart a needed quality to the finished product such as wet strength, water resistance, etc.
The adhesive based on the improved hardener can be used to glue wood particles to pass wet strength requirements after the glue is cured at room temperature for under 24 hours.
Excellent Wet Strength for Membrane Handling and Integrity
These labelstocks also feature adhesives tailored to increase automated packaging and offer exceptional wet strength on bottles and cans.
The first innovation, NEXAR polymers, provides a route to membranes having high water transport rates, excellent wet strength, and good selectivity.