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Bob did look dampish, inasmuch as the rain was streaming from his neck, elbows, cuffs, skirts, and knees; and his whole apparel shone so with the wet, that it might have been mistaken for a full suit of prepared oilskin.
I AM rather wet,' said Bob, giving himself a shake and casting a little hydraulic shower around, like a Newfoundland dog just emerged from the water.
Pickwick, when Pott had taken a seat near the fire, and the whole party had got their wet boots off, and dry slippers on.
He pulled on his wet coat again and went back to the barn to feed the greys.
I threw my arms round the trunk of a very wet fir tree, every branch of which I remembered, for had I not climbed it, and fallen from it, and torn and bruised myself on it uncountable numbers of times?
The sight of her dear wet cheeks, her flying hair, and her brave brown eyes convinced me that my vision was still healthy.
A pencil-writing, on a crushed and torn piece of paper, blotted with wet.
Cold, wet, and fatigue are sufficient causes for my being found dead, but I shall die of others, though I suffer from these.
Nor was this the only remarkable circumstance about these dogs, for each of them wore a kind of little coat of some gaudy colour trimmed with tarnished spangles, and one of them had a cap upon his head, tied very carefully under his chin, which had fallen down upon his nose and completely obscured one eye; add to this, that the gaudy coats were all wet through and discoloured with rain, and that the wearers were splashed and dirty, and some idea may be formed of the unusual appearance of these new visitors to the Jolly Sandboys.
But I gave it up, and crawled into my bunk instead, boots and hat on, all standing (it did not matter; everything was soaking wet, a heavy sea having burst the poop skylights the night before), to remain in a nightmarish state between waking and sleeping for a couple of hours of so-called rest.
After two hours of futile, light-headed, inconsequent thinking upon all things under heaven in that dark, dank, wet and devastated cabin, I arose suddenly and staggered up on deck.
They found him there the next morning, very wet, very cold, but no longer hungry.
The floor was damp and she was herself wringing wet, but fortunately this was a warm climate and she did not feel at all cold.
Courteously enough was this said; but so suddenly had the friar drawn his sword that Robin had no time to unsling his bow from his back, whither he had placed it to avoid getting it wet, or to unfasten his scabbard.
Nay, good father, but I shall get my feet wet," he commenced.