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Synonyms for westward

the cardinal compass point that is a 270 degrees

moving toward the west

Related Words

toward the west


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save and except the area described as follows: beginning at the southwest corner of the Atlantic Beach on the Atlantic Ocean (the southwest corner of the property known as the Hoffman Property) thence running westwardly with the Atlantic Ocean waters to a point on the ocean two miles from the beginning thence northwardl and parallel with the west line of the Atlantic Beach to the waters of Bogue Sound to the northwest corner of the Atlantic beach thence with that line which is the east line of the Hoffman property to the beginning
There are some heights in Wessex, shaped as if by a kindly hand For thinking, dreaming, dying on, and at crises when I stand, Say, on Ingpen Beacon eastward, or on Wylls-Neck westwardly, I seem where I was before my birth, and after death may be.
It once spanned a slough that drained water westwardly into the Willamette River.
Pronghorn "occurred westwardly at north to Shasta valley, Siskiyou County; centrally to open hills of Contra Costa County and to Salinas Valley, Monterey County; and southerly, at least to piedmont or mesa region where Pasadena is now located and to San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County.
Since the crucifixion, the Star of Empire has westwardly held on its brightening way, crossing the Atlantic ocean, and is now sending down its reviving rays on Oregon and California.