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make western in character

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The majority of the people I work with in my company are British, so I sometimes feel self-conscious when speaking English so I tend to westernise my accent to make it sound less Arab.
As the battle to define Mandela's legacy gradually gathers steam (NA, May), it appears there is a deliberate attempt in some quarters to Westernise it for evidently selfish purposes.
The modern Caucasian beauty ideal has been packaged and exported globally, and just as surgical operations to Westernise oriental eyes have become more popular, so the beauty standard has become increasingly prescriptive.
I'm sure the Liverpool fans are looking forward to the match and their trip to Istanbul and are hoping to enjoy a good spectacle of football as well as the local sights in Turkey The move to modernise The fez was introduced by Mahmud II, the head of the Ottoman Empire, in 1826 to replace the turban Ataturk's moves to westernise included a ban on the fez which he saw as too closely associated with the Islamic world For 20 years some Turks wore fezzes in protest.
You cannot Westernise countries with such vastly differing cultures and religions, they just don't mix.
They are trying to westernise very quickly and there is a lot of building going on.
Disagreement can only be avoided when Russia 'structually demilitarises and Westernises its political economy'.