western red cedar

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large valuable arborvitae of northwestern United States

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Characterization of the polyphenolics related to the colour of western red cedar (Thuja plicata Donn) heartwood.
While [alpha]-pinene, [beta]-pinene and delta-3 carene are often found, western red cedar oil consists mainly of [beta]-thujone.
Forbes), white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss), and western red cedar (Thuja plicata Donn).
Others, such as Western Red Cedar, are also being considered by foresters as they seek to increase the diversity - and hence resilience - of Welsh woodlands.
The lounge/dining area is open planned with Western red cedar boarded sloping ceiling with four large windows to the front and doors to the rear.
It includes a pavilion clad in western red cedar with two wings that intersect, providing two glass studio spaces, each with its own deck overlooking a pond.
Facades are wrapped in a taut skin of interlocking and overlapping panels of glass and Western red cedar which project and recede from the main surface plane.
Western red cedar is a North American native that has been successfully introduced to other places, including the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
Western red cedar or a hardwood, such as oak, would be my first choice, with Douglas fir and larch a close second.
Forest lovers can revel in more than five miles of walking paths lined with willow, cottonwood, alder, birch, and western red cedar.
Yale School of Art Gallery is clad in Western Red Cedar bevel siding, one of a small number of building materials that have obtained Environmental Product Declarations.
You can tell a Western red cedar from an incense cedar, a Douglas fir from a grand fir.
8220;Boston Cedar has built a solid reputation for offering only the top-shelf products in their categories, and that's true for everything we carry, from the finest western red cedar to house wrap to low-maintenance decking,” said Joe Cusack, Boston Cedar's President.
Their specialty woods include reclaimed Redwood, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar.
At the 20-year inspection all untreated decks, with the exception of western red cedar (Thuja plicata), would have had to be replaced due to decay of multiple boards, while all chromated copper arsenate-Areated decks remained serviceable regardless of preservative penetration.
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