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tall evergreen of western North America

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The woods along the trail are comprised of Sitka spruce, Alaska yellow cedar, and western hemlock and evidence can still be seen in the trees of age-old hand-logging.
No logging in old growth forests should be permitted, not only to preserve endangered species, but the forest ecosystem that nourishes all forest life forms - deer, elk, salmon, eagles, great blue herons, Douglas firs, Western Hemlocks, Pacific Ewe (whose bark may provide medicine for the treatment of some forms of cancer), and human beings.
Appearance-class equations for spruce at site 10 were used to estimate time since death for five dead western hemlocks in plots at site 10, the only dead hemlocks encountered in plots.
There it joins the neoglacial terminal moraine near sea level, where it is adjacent to rain forests of old-growth western hemlock and Sitka spruce.
Western hemlock is common in the understory on surfaces older than 160 yr.
Several hundred feet overhead, the massive branches of a half-dozen yellow cedars and western hemlocks locked arms.
We've got yellow and red cedar, Sitka spruce, western hemlock --and a few pockets of silver fir," he went on in answer to a question from his audience.
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