western hemisphere

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the hemisphere that includes North America and South America

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SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Alejandro Werner, Director of the IMF's Western Hemisphere Department:
All tested Western Hemisphere isolates from our collection were ITS type G (Table).
On peacekeeping, countries in the Western Hemisphere have assumed a very impressive leadership role by engaging, addressing, and improving United Nations peacekeeping.
The participants' conclusion--that the Western Hemisphere security situation is "extremely volatile and dangerous" and that the challenges of good governance and security need to be addressed lest the issue resolve itself in ways not to our liking--should give pause to security decisionmakers.
The airline said the surcharge was raised to help offset increasing costs for fuel and that it will increase by USD10 each way for passengers originating their travel in the western hemisphere (except Canada/Mexico) to Delta's transatlantic markets.
The first CONJEFAMER was designed to bring freedom from risk, danger, doubt, anxiety, or fear, and to create an environment of confidence among the air forces in the Western Hemisphere.
The Hsi Lai Temple - the largest Buddhist temple in the Western Hemisphere - will repeat its free cultural performances Saturday from noon to 2 p.
Nelson Cunningham, Senior Advisor to the Kerry campaign and managing partner at Kissinger McLarty Associates, and Emilio GonzaLez, a former director for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the National Security Council, as well as Marcos Daniel Jimenez, U.
Department of State brought together decision-makers from throughout the Western Hemisphere to develop strategies for cross-boundary conservation of migratory species and collaboration on wildlife conservation issues.
Native peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere helped to create the museum--a place where all can gather to worship, dance, sing, tell stories, and share meals.
Colombia has become the home to the worst humanitarian crisis in the Western hemisphere, as up to three million people have been displaced from their homes, creating virtual ghost towns.
As the first stage in negotiations to expand free trade throughout the Western Hemisphere, the Bush administration is offering to lift all tariffs on textiles and apparel within five years, reports The New York Times (Feb.
THE SCHOOL OF the Americas (SOA), recently renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, is infamous for training dictators such as Manuel Noriega.
It includes 17 different voices and can accommodate most languages spoken in the Western Hemisphere.
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