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Synonyms for werewolf

a monster able to change appearance from human to wolf and back again

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Adds Hensley: ``Frankenstein is sort of the reverse of Dracula and the Werewolf.
Lastly Bynum looks again at werewolf stories (she even notes a renaissance of werewolf tales in the twelfth century) and finds why they were of particular interest and particularly troubling.
Instead of gruesome werewolf nightmares, "West Germany" developed the much-admired Wirtschaftswunder ("economic miracle") and its Wirtschaftswunde rkinder.
A sophisticated attempt at grafting teen angst onto a werewolf tale, Ginger Snaps shows off plenty of mood, spirit and shrewd intelligence.
In addition, vigilante attacks caused the deaths of a number of small-town mayors and, in late March 1945, a Werewolf paratroop squad assassinated the Lord Mayor of Aachen, Dr Franz Oppenhoff, probably the most prominent German statesman to have emerged in the occupied fringes over the winter of 1944-45.
As he earlier said to the teenager playing the werewolf in Frankenstein Meets Werewolf, his last work for the studio, "I am an artist and an artist must have no fear.
Unlike the mythical wolf-like creature said to roam the bleak moorland surrounding Newcastle, England, this Werewolf is real," said Charles van Es, brand director, Newcastle Brown Ale.
The CW series has added "Containment" actress Christina Moses as a bisexual werewolf named Keelin, according to (http://tvline.
In this Daemon Parallel (Floris, 2014) sequel, Cameron and his friends, Eve and werewolf Morgan, consult capricious Janus to defeat arrogant, expanding blob Mr.
But Devon answers with song, "If I were a werewolf .
A SPOOF video showing a werewolf wandering the streets of Merthyr has become an internet hit.
The werewolf turns out to be a new boy at school who has no real awareness of how he changes at full moon.
The actor was asked to play a villainous werewolf ally to Lord Voldemort but couldn't do it as he had already signed up to do something else.
After Mackenzie's best friend, Amy, is brutally murdered by a white werewolf, Mackenzie begins to be haunted by Amy in her dreams.
Joseph has always had an interest in the werewolf creature over the years.