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Synonyms for South

the cardinal compass point that is at 180 degrees

a location in the southern part of a country, region, or city

Related Words

the direction corresponding to the southward cardinal compass point

Related Words

situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the south


in a southern direction

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Warren wrote that when he went south in 1956 to look at the nation's racial crisis, he was going to "hear the voices, to hear, in fact, the voices in my blood.
The regional economy went south in the early '90s and then, five years ago, there was a fatal blow - the city's installation of a new water aqueduct that required tearing up long expanses of Columbus, making it impossible to reach retailers by foot or by car.
Everything went south in a big way after Newt [Gingrich] and the rest of the leadership tried to make up with James Dobson and the other Religious Right guys," said a representative for one Fortune 500 company that has contributed heavily to the GOP in the past.
The CBOE Market Volatility Index went south on Tuesday following another formidable run at its 10-week moving average.
So what if Milton Bradley's anger-management therapy went south in the fifth inning, when he struck out and broke his bat over his knee?
But his score went south after running up a double bogey five on the short eighth after finding trees off the tee.
He went south to United for pounds 850,000 and now is in his 10th year at Old Trafford, where he has also won League and Cup honours as well as a European Cup Winners' Cup medal in 1991.
The trouble was, when the venture capital market went south, AngryMan.
Weaver looked strong early, as he retired the first four Angels, but his game went south quickly.
The route went south on Raymond Avenue (at Holly Street) then west on Colorado Boulevard to Pasadena Avenue.
However, he decided to split with Goossen and things soon went south.