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Synonyms for tube

a hollow cylindrical shape


Related Words

an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city)

provide with a tube or insert a tube into

convey in a tube

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ride or float on an inflated tube

Related Words

place or enclose in a tube

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She hates that everything she worked for went down the tubes," the pal added.
Several thousand rounds went down the tubes, and the 270-Hornady at 2,100, the 300-grain solid at 2,000 and the 220 at 2,300 fps proved to give excellent performance and good gun-barrel life.
The Tubes, who nearly went down the tubes in the late '70s because of their "generally reviled" live shows, are still alive and ready to party, which they will do at 7 p.
One national company was downgraded a rating in 2002 and it went down the tubes within months," noted Tesoriero.
Jan Huffaker traded Denver's urban jungle for pastoral Washington County (in the far northeast corner of the state) in 1982 managing and ultimately buying a hog farm But, in 1990, "The hog market went down the tubes.
It went down the tubes when critics successfully argued that Washington was merely a front man for the white-owned operations because he had put up the smallest portion of the money.