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Synonyms for wend

wend your way


Synonyms for wend

to move along a particular course

Words related to wend

direct one's course or way

References in classic literature ?
An endless procession wended toward elevated stations.
 Two theologues once, as they wended their way
The burning of the great ghetto on the South Side had driven them forth into the inferno of the street-fighting, and whither they wended and whatever became of them I did not know and never learned.
Miss Nickleby's reflections, as she wended her way homewards, were of that desponding nature which the occurrences of the morning had been sufficiently calculated to awaken.
Thus resolving, with a kind of sullen resignation, if such a term may be allowed, I wended my way to Ryecote Farm, scarcely expecting to find its owner within at this time of day, but hoping to learn in what part of the premises he was most likely to be found.
And so Tom descended, and wended his way drearily by the side of the keeper, up to the Schoolhouse, where they arrived just at locking-up.
Fagin wended his way, through mud and mire, to his gloomy abode: where the Dodger was sitting up, impatiently awaiting his return.
Jingle's meditations, as he wended his way to Doctors' Commons.
Many of these missives wended their way to the civil engineers department, where the challenge was eagerly taken up (once we had deciphered what he meant).
Hopes of a boys' doubles medal for top seeds Drinkhall and Darius Knight wended with a 3-2 defeat to Japanese pair Kaito Fujimoto and Kohei Morimoto.
The consignment for The Waterfront pub and restaurant, which forms the centrepiece of the new leisure development at Barton Marina, near Lichfield, wended its way along the Trent and Mersey canal from the Potteries to Barton to arrive just in time for the venue's opening.
He wended his way through that mass of people sitting around in the disarray of chairs and looked at each guy nose-to-nose two inches from his face and said:
Once a week, we wended our way from school to the baths where we had an hour of coaching.
An all-walking fancy dress parade wended its way to Wellholme Park through Brighouse streets on Saturday.
The hearse then wended its way onto Presidential Drive.