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Synonyms for wend

wend your way


Synonyms for wend

to move along a particular course

Words related to wend

direct one's course or way

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There does not appear to be an official count of how many Texans are descended from the 1,500 Wends who migrated to Texas between 1848 and 1911, said George Nielsen, a historian who has studied the Wends and is now retired in South Dakota.
The film establishes the socio-critical tone by showing a scene of a group of men gathered under a tree, and gossiping about punishing Wend Kuuni whom they believe brings sorrow to his adoptive parents.
Alan White left after the second race - heaven knows when Patricia, Monica, Wend and Chrissie from Skegness would get home.
The project supports the development of the WEND (Water-shed Ecosystem Nutrient Dynamics) model that can assess the long-term dynamics of nutrient import and export in watersheds.
If a government does not approve your development, or changes zoning to your detriment - thereby depriving you of the use of your property in a de facto taking - it could take years for your lawsuit to wend its way through various courts.
In dealing with love and eroticism, Wend successfully brings out the difficulty of expressing characteristically female elements within the requirements of a male Petrarchan norm and, for the courtesans, of the conventional 'donna onesta'.
One expects prescriptions for plan design, wise and legal ways to wend one's way through tricky IRS mazes, approaches to incentive plans, or other contemporary tactics for creating rewards in a highly competitive environment.
Professor Petra Wend, Principal of Queen Margaret University will take part as a guest vendor in the first ever Big Sell-Off, a national campaign which aims to raise awareness of homelessness as well as funds for the Scottish charities.
Contract notice: School vienna 10 wend instead -3-5.
Mike Chandler, 55, will wend his way on foot through Rosson-Wye, Gloucester, Oxford and Buckinghamshire, running the length of a marathon every day for a week before ending in London.
Rainer Wend, Executive Vice President, Corporate Public Policy and Responsibility of the Deutsche Post AG apologised to the government and the people of Sri Lanka in his letter, addressed to H E the Ambassador, whilst expressing that the Deutsche Post has produced and delivered a small quantity of stamps in question without deeper knowledge about the LTTE connection with the motive.
RICHARDSON Wendy 5 years after losing you Wend, we treasure our wonderful memories of you.
Pathalil needed a police escort to wend his way through Hindus protesting a eucharistic congress his diocese organized Oct.
In Wonka's factory, all the worst tendencies of the children - their gluttony, their selfishness, their greed - come into play, and they all pay in frightfully amusing ways as they wend their way through the bizarre factory.