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Synonyms for wend

wend your way


Synonyms for wend

to move along a particular course

Words related to wend

direct one's course or way

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In addition to the funds she hopes to raise, Wend has established a 'Just Giving' webpage for anyone who would like to make an online donation.
The largest group of Wendish Texans arrived in Galveston in 1854 on the Ben Nevis from Germany, where Wends had been pressured to speak German instead of Wendish and to join a state-controlled church.
For example, in one scene of Buud Yam, a group of jeering kids, silently observes Wend Kuuni (Serge Yanogo) and the Prince (Hyppolite Ouangrawa) attempting to build a raft to cross over an un-deep part of the Niger River, until an old man passes by them and crosses the river.
These M113s will also function as test beds for future technologies through our Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between the NAC and the Automation Alley Consortium," Wend added.
THE war on terrorism continues to wend its bloody way.
We want to show the SAE membership some of the many technologies we're working on in cooperation with the automotive industry," Dennis Wend, Director of the National Automotive Center, told World Congress attendees.
Visitors enjoyed oriental snacks and noodles as they watched the carnival wend its way around The Arcadian Centre.
Hundreds of visitors, including purchasing and procurement agents, will wend their way.
Fully voiced characterizations by both talented readers lend credence to the desperation, depravity, and foolhardiness of the parties as they wend their way from cradle to grave, from home life to the wilds of Africa.
The military, by necessity, has often been a leader in implementing the new technologies and fuels the nation will need," noted NAC Executive Director Dennis Wend.
First, you have to find a space and wend your way into the mall.
While it can be difficult to wend one's way through a busy page of this lush volume, and a younger reader might need some guidance, sampling world art through this work is a stimulating experience.
Final march: Wembley Way is buzzing as Chelsea and Villa fans wend their way towards the hallowed Twin Towers and their theatre of dreams, for some, nightmares for others.
There's no cure around the corner," Mann cautions, noting that it takes years for experimental drugs to wend their way through the regulatory system.
The patternings of exposed root systems that we see in these mixed-media pieces wend their way through each piece enigmatically, conjuring up images of exposed nerve endings.