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Synonyms for wench

a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety

Synonyms for wench

informal terms for a (young) woman

frequent prostitutes

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Not even the museum's resident bobby wins respect from these formidable Black Country wenches.
The 800th Birthday promotion begins in true medieval style tomorrow and Sunday with medieval monk Brother Baloni, wenches, knights and jesters wandering around St John's with free cards.
Fair Queen Mother Mabel Forsyth and this year's Fair Queen, 16-year-old Heather Ritchie, will begin their regal duties this morning as the Market Place is crammed with dozens of stalls, musical entertainment starts on the stage and the famous Pied Powder court duckings of errant wenches begin.
They include ``The Washing Well Wenches,'' a comical group of misinformed women looking to make themselves attractive to the opposite sex through the sultry lure of laundry.
Serving wenches turned into a choir after the meal.
Excalibur features King Arthur's Tournament with wenches dancing in ankle-deep dirt--now there's an aerobics workout--and bone-cracking reenactments of medieval jousts.
Aunt Sue was bought by Master Peterson who had a twitch for large African wenches Master Peterson would visit Aunt Sue each third full moon Wednesday - She now knew how to predict his restlessness Her children by him continued to look negroid as if her body knew its own being and in refused to acknowledge his white seed - these children grew disappearing before their mother's eyes disappeared as a wedding present to Master Peterson's sister down in South Carolina, disappeared when Master Peterson got drunk in Georgia and lost three slave boys to a gambler
In Ladies, Women, & Wenches, Pease and Pease traverse some of the same ground, focusing their attention specifically this time on the tracks left by women.
The Washington Post says about the D's live show "Brandishing acoustic guitars like broadswords and singing artfully profane tales of dragons slain and wenches ravished, they at once skewer and venerate the Iron Maidens and Judas Priests of the world.
Wicked Wenches, The Stand, Edinburgh This month's funny ladies include Mary Bourke, Isma Almas, Lucy Oldham and host Susan Calman.
Blackfriars Restaurant has been offering diners the chance to enjoy a step back in time with staff dressing as monks and wenches to serve up Michaelmas pie and flagons of real ale.
She broke her left ankle during a pirates and wenches party in Paphos, Cyprus, on Wednesday.
At first I was quitepleased,and thought, us big-bottomed wenches would be able to find some nice knickers that fit us without making us feel like a grandma trying to keep the warmth in.
This year's slicker show was staged in a mock disco with a dance floor, VIP lounges and big bubbling tubs of water where drenched French wenches writhed in soggy string bikinis.
FILM: Some great swashbuckling fun in Pirates of the Caribbean (12a) with Johnny Depp,above, as Captain John Sparrow together with various wenches and a pirate crew who turn into skeletons.