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Synonyms for wench

a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety

Synonyms for wench

informal terms for a (young) woman

frequent prostitutes

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Me and my brother Joseph bought Wicked Wench for Dad as we wanted him to have a winner, but I think Small Fury looks a smarter filly.
Wench and Mars Gumbo, a bear-like man and Wench's nominal superior as science editor at the Daily Parade, are sympathetic to the dissident cause, especially after the veep Cinder announces a new government program called: Biopsychic Lavation for Intensified Stimulation of Superego or "BLISS" for short.
The buxom serf wench Akinsya Basykina has changed her relationship status: It's complicated.
Unlike Stendhal, Rossini has no problems with women and is soon bedding a spell-casting serving wench (Teresa Saponangelo), who is instrumental in the operatic final plot twist.
The Voice wench (left) will have the cameras of the paparazzi, plus my binoculars, trained on her wherever she goes, and you'd think that whichever snapper captures her two finest assets would be able to sell the shots for PS10,000, although I am prepared to go higher.
A NEWCASTLE restaurant is now selling medieval wench and monk costumes to help diners look the part at its gastronomic medieval banquets.
A drop to the minimum trip saw Wicked Wench come good at Southwell a month ago, and she can repeat the feat upon her return to the track in the toteexacta Nursery.
Also switched to the allweather, Wicked Wench took a step forward to fill the runner-up spot behind an 83-rated filly in Quite A Thing, so it was a respectable effort.
Wicked Wench was Hearne's first winner as a racehorse owner for 30 years.
London, July 16 (ANI): Imogen Thomas is set to see her sex appeal soaring by taking up a job as a bar wench in an episode of Richard Bacon's Beer And Pizza Club.
It's a very fun night,'' says Cruz, a saucy wench who will unveil a new show with partner Jones and a couple of stray pirates on Saturday.
What have we striding the decks in fetching doublet-and-hose but a lusty, busty wench who has set sail for CUT-THROAT ISLAND (Cert PG, on release now) with a cutlass in her hand and revenge in her heart.
Delighted, he calls out to one " winsome wench " among the beldams, " Weel done, Cutty Sark
LAUGHED my socks off at that Walsall wench, a beauty queen no less, who took herself to the High Court to claim damages for defamation while appearing on Channel 5's bear-pit Big Brother.