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Synonyms for Welsh

a native or resident of Wales

a Celtic language of Wales

a breed of dual-purpose cattle developed in Wales

cheat by avoiding payment of a gambling debt


Related Words

of or relating to or characteristic of Wales or its people or their language


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Hamilton, supra note 8, at 19-20 (describing bet welsher who fled fight and was chased, ending in an armed standoff defused by undercover officers); Ortiz, supra note 15, at 51-52 (describing losers who subsequently broke into winner's home seeking lost money, shot winner in front of his wife and children, and fled with $500,000 while allowing winner to bleed to death); Julie Straw, Yazoo Co.
Now that's a phrase that sounds like it was coined a century ago by some oft-quoted smart ass but I've just made it up and it means absolutely nothing, which is what welshers usually pay.
Liars, cheaters and welshers, or at best, idiots and incompetent administrators.
Don't tell me we haven't got a far higher proportion of brown-nosers, bandwagon-jumpers, welshers (it's all right: I am Welsh) and general bottom-feeders in our great sport - as well as, paradoxically, a far higher proportion of very decent, honest people - than society as a whole.
The feebleness of the Jockey Club's control over racing in the early 19th century meant that the sport was full of fraudsters, nobblers, welshers and villains of every kind, and Bentinck determined to redeem its reputation.