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someone who swindles you by not repaying a debt or wager

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117) Stories of dogfights-turned-people-fights abound, often revolving around bet welshers or sore losers.
Welsher, "Class 0 ESD Trends: Implications for Back and Front End Processes," A2C2 Magazine, May 2005.
Welsher was first used to describe English bookies who, having too many longshot winners to pay out on, fled over the border to Wales.
During the three-day event, attendees will hear from visionary speakers Lisa Welsher, founder and CEO of Innovative Management Solutions, and Pete McGarahan, Executive Industry Fellow at STI Knowledge.
When I win this case, the word will get out that I'm a welsher, that I don't pay my debts, and nobody will want to play cards with me on my regular trips.
This facility has multiple freezer and cooler rooms with 50 feet of height clearance, 4-million cubic feet of storage, 16 dock doors with 50-foot-wide docks that allow for crossdocking and other transactions," Welsher said.
Simply put, they are assets that have not previously been securitized," explains Ellen Welsher, a managing director in Standard & Poor's Structured Finance Group in New York.
A brace from Dane Welsher secured a 3-1 victory for Moorland Starts over Cardiff Police.
A big salute to Circulation's David Welsher who worked his magic again this year and to Larry Mahan for keeping our spirits up.
WELSH CONNECTIONS Cath: They don't come any Welsher than Swansea-born Zeta - she's 100 per cent pure-bred Welsh.
This partnership marries the strengths of two organizations in providing solutions to the process engineering needs of clients," said Lisa Welsher, President of Innovative Management Solutions.
My husband pile of tissues all so emotional, memories and back as if it And choir member Maureen Welsher, from Whitchurch, has marked her 75th birthday by playing the arias they recorded with Decca 64 years ago.
Another note of thanks is due our Web team and Circulation's David Welsher, who masterfully contributed to getting this resource guide in print and online.
THE following cases were heard at Cardiff Magistrates' Court: * Dane Gareth Welsher, 26, of Carlisle Street, Cardiff, was fined pounds 250 and disqualified from driving for 17 months for drink-driving.