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a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease

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Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness received the following honors from The Global Awards:
La Guia Vender Viajes de Salud Y Bienestar gives highly practical, actionable, no-fluff educational content and reference material to generate results for travel entrepreneurs, hotels, spas and destinations seeking to enter and grow their niche in wellness tourism.
Royal India Wellness exhibition will showcase over 25 luxury wellness service and retail therapy providers will focus on India's agenda of wellness through rejuvenation, holistic healing and prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases.
What types of wellness programs does Merchants Auto Group offer to its employees in order to keep them healthy and demonstrate how important their wellbeing is?
REAL wellness offerings can be a new revenue source for spas and a benefit to those who patronize them.
Increased spending on products beneath a wellness umbrella, particularly in fresh food categories, reflects what we have been witnessing for more than a decade now," said Laurie Demerit
Program goals for the Wellness Center reflected that mission as well:
We sincerely hope more people will utilize these types of tools to maintain wellness and are committed to helping fight obesity across North America.
Now Kreuzberger, of Woodland Hills, is there for the Wellness Community, helping raise funds for the nonprofit organization that provides alternative healing programs for people fighting cancer in the western San Fernando Valley as well as Ventura County.
has been chosen as architect and engineer of record to design the RWJ Rahway Fitness and Wellness Center, which is to be located at 2120 Lamberts Mill Road in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.
In addition to creating healthier and more productive employees, wellness programs can help curb rising health-care costs.
Couched in a "New Age" approach to good health, The Wellness Tree: The Dynamic Six-Step Program For Creating Optimal Wellness by Justine O'Brien begins with the imagery of the "Tree of Life", and then moves on to devote whole chapters to the role of mental attitude, breath, nutrition, physical movement, rest, and solitude in achieving and maintaining optimal health.
Still, cost-saving options are available, from self-insurance plans to stronger wellness programs to giving employees the chance to have telephone consultations with health-care providers.
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