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of good or upper-class lineage

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The state and local health departments are communicating regularly with Wellborn school officials to keep its faculty, administration and students updated on this ongoing process.
Wellborn Forest Products manufactures semi-custom wood kitchen and bath cabinetry available through independent cabinet dealers and home builders in the Eastern United States.
When Wellborn spoke to NCR about the Dominicans' departure, his voice filled with emotion.
Knight, and his family Paula Ciuffredo and Alexis Healy of Millbury, MA; a daughter, Claudia Barthelmes and her husband George Barthelmes of Wellborn, Florida; a brother, Kenneth Daubney of Bixby, Oklahoma.
Though Wellborn may have come up short, two other Black Country fighters did collect titles and they did it in style.
Wellborn who offers his own advice on guiding teenagers through life by focusing on being an active participant in their lives and being honest with them about many topics.
Normally you need some hate to fire you up for a fight, but this will make me a hungry fighter on the night and I'll be tearing into Wellborn instead with plenty of big shots.
She also persuaded Ross to publish an article he detested: a young socialite's plaint that the hoi polloi in cabarets made for better company than the city's wellborn gentlemen.
Alabama-based Wellborn Cabinet not only partners with HGTV to provide cabinetry for Dream Homes, but last year the company launched multiple social media sites, three additional brand-specific consumer sites, and new mobile apps.
Charlie Wellborn, once taught me (Charlie served in WWII and was on the staff of Stars & Stripes), if you must use reverse type for your body copy, go a degree bigger and a degree bolder.
Sarah Douglas Craig and Katherine Rebecca Wellborn were the flower girls.
In pond-reared fishes, they have been found on channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque, 1818) (see Wellborn, 1967), Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) (see Basson and Van As, 1991) and Heterobranchus longifilis Valenciennes, 1840 (see Ekanen and Obiekezie, 1996); on perch, Perca fluviatilis (Linnaeus, 1758) and roach, Rutilus rutilus (Linnaeus, 1758) (see Halmetoja et al.
The uptick was largely attributed to the ramp-up in deliveries of the Phenom 100 very light jet, which made its foray into the Brazilian market late last month following the handover of three aircraft to resident charter operators Algar Aviation, Wellborn Participaes and Locar Guindastes e Transportes Intermodais.
But the rules of evidence, developed over hundreds of years of jurisprudence, are there to ensure that the facts that go before a jury have been subjected to scrutiny and challenge from both sides, says Olin Guy Wellborn III, a law professor at the University of Texas.