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a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous

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Peter Bohan, director of occupational health and wellbeing at Sidra Medicine, explained how the rights and safety of patients and staff can be protected by healthcare institutions that implement effective plans.
Bohan outlined the key elements of wellbeing as physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, and social wellbeing, both at work and outside of work.
Wellbeing programs that are embedded into the culture of an organization see stronger enrollment, higher participation rates, and greater long-term sustainability--which leads to higher overall employee engagement.
Hosted by the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre at the SAHMRI, the Australian Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference will include discussion about the science of positive psychology and its real world applications.
The theme for the annual day, promoted each year by the International Stress Management Association, is "Employee Wellbeing as a Worthwhile Investment in Your Business".
According to well-being programme co-ordinator Andy Hearn, it is far more comprehensive than any other DHB staff wellbeing programme in the country.
We often hear about ways of improving our physical wellbeing such as eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and avoiding harmful substances.
The BBC-SWB scales have been used to identify populations' general wellbeing.
For example, terminal illnesses could reduce both wellbeing and life expectancy.
As the Work Well ambassador, Huffington will contribute content related to achieving a balance between professional careers and wellbeing on the campaign's micro site and social media platforms.
According to others, because well-being is the highest prudential good (HPG) for the individual as a human being, wellbeing must meet not only the individual's own standards, but also certain objective standards of worth.
Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust has picked up the Health & Wellbeing Good Practice Award from Investors in People.
A PETITION for a wellbeing centre to be set up in Wales in order to make increased wellbeing a top goal for public policy will be handed in to the National Assembly today.
Synopsis: Individual wellbeing, engagement, and a culture of wellbeing link to important organizational outcomes.
Synopsis: For the fourth consecutive year, Hawaii residents have the highest wellbeing in the U.