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speaking or spoken fittingly or pleasingly

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I PICKED up the phone and a well-spoken female said: "We gather you're receiving many unwanted calls and we can now - without charge - arrange to stop them.
The well-spoken, respectable outsider who, because all the other candidates are deemed unelectable, suddenly shoots to the top of the betting.
Choose people in known you for at least one year, but preferably more than three; are well-spoken and have good written communication skills; and know your strengths and abilities and are certain to speak highly of you.
You're all so charming, so well-spoken and so thin .
The comments "God save the Royal Tine" - making fun of well-spoken Suttonians - showed how ignorant were Paul Hemming's unnecessary comments.
It is precisely because the lower orders finally cottoned on to the fact that their well-spoken and expensively dressed 'betters' were no more likely to be decent human beings than anyone else that people like Mr Samengo-Turner are now having to earn respect or deference from others.
If all you've ever experienced is a middle-class, well-spoken gentleman with an office job, a liaison with a brickie from North Yorkshire may be the ultimate fantasy," the Daily Express quoted IllicitEncounters.
Except for the clean, well-spoken one, twisting his mustache like an
I read the National Commander's testimony given to the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs and much of what was said was well-spoken and true.
He exudes everything the Americans love about Brits - refined, charming, educated, well-spoken.
I think she's smart, tough, and well-spoken, and she chose a Canadian song for her campaign song.
They remember her as a chatty smiling child who grew into a well-spoken, polite teenager.
Garapedian has lined up an assortment of erudite and well-spoken contributors (most notably Harvard University genocide expert Samantha Power) to drive home our nation's culpability in the global carnage.
While Le Pen often comes off looking buffoonish, demagogic, and racist, de Villiers is intelligent, charismatic, polished, dignified, and well-spoken.