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Synonyms for well-meant

marked by good intentions though often producing unfortunate results

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It is an earnest request, besides a well-meant advice to the government, not to impose the levy now.
WHEN you're named one of the new Dragons on Dragons' Den, it's not going to be long before well-meant mickey-taking begins, as design industry icon Kelly Hoppen discovered.
Saying, 'if you need anything, let me know,' although invariably well-meant, can appear like a cop out.
I do hope most sincerely, That they are not embarrassed By these well-meant, honest words.
This is the type of person who can turn things round for young people in this area - not talking shops like the one I attended today, no matter how well-meant they are.
Inspired by the statement of Polish Ambassador Karol Bachura of a few days ago that if doors are closed Macedonia should enter the EU through the window, Dimitar Culev says in Utrinski vesnik that the advice has been well-meant but the saying has been badly chosen.
For others it was a well-meant experiment gone awry.
It is perhaps unfortunate that they can't be made to listen to well-meant advice by threatening to curtail their TV viewing.
In his welcoming address, Tyr municipal head, Hasan Dbooq, commended Italian activities within the framework of UNIFIL saying they were well-meant and integrated into the southern Lebanese communities.
It is unfortunate that the Armenian state and the Armenian diaspora had brushed aside our proposal, a well-meant initiative which had been even discarded by the international community," Bagis said.
AoJenni trained in Liverpool but did not immediately work as an artist, having been put off by well-meant words of caution.
So let us ignore the well-meant warnings from our Muslim brothers and sisters to pray only to the unimaginable God.
They don't want pretty words, fancy speeches or even well-meant protest marches.
In response to this well-meant advice, a gay rights activist in Belfast has filed a complaint with the police, accusing her of violating the law on "hate speech.