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strongly and firmly constructed


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Like a well-knit sweater, the fascia has some elasticity or spring.
Many of the current Under-16 boys will be a well-knit group and will be ready for national team duty in time for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, which will start around the same time.
Our youth group is a well-knit organisation, which is a member of The Earth Charter International Youth Groups.
He suggested that CPEC could not be reduced to one route in isolation but to consist of a well-knit system of routes for maximal regional integration.
Rather than fostering well-knit communities living together, it has led to greater socio-economic divisions, growing inequality, political instability and strife.
Every time I saw them both, they seemed like they were a fairly well-knit unit.
It is also a testament to the resilience of our business model, robust corporate governance structure and the effectiveness of an experienced and well-knit senior management team.
Working with a team of qualified football coaches and professionals, The Football FaktoryTM boasts of a well-knit team that compliments its purpose of presenting India with its first Soccer/Football School that puts its students' interests before its own.
Homs, Aleppo (SANA) Homs governor, Tala al-Barazi said that Syria enjoys a unique, well-knit social fabric as it is the land of amity, peace and coexistence.
With the retention of the core players, Mumbai Indians look forward to build a stronger, well-knit team and share the joy of an enthralling and entertaining performance with its ever-growing fans in the coming season.
The Emirates International Maritime Academy, or Eima, a leading maritime training institute in the Middle East, and Aries International Maritime Research Institute, or Aimri, a premier i-university imparting high quality education through comprehensive and well-knit courses utilising advanced technology, have recently signed a strategic academic cooperation agreement.
There are well-knit groups of coalitions and enmities in the Syria question: Turkey, Russia, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, al-Qaeda, the al-Nusra Front, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, etc.
A number of his photographs were used to illustrate Edward Dalton's Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal published in Calcutta in 1872, in which the author notes: 'The Mishmis [sic] are a short sturdy race of fair complexion for Asiatics, well-knit features and as active as monkeys' Dalton describes Mishmi men and women as 'inveterate' smokers.
Though Newport applied pressure in the run up to halftime, they got little change out of a well-knit defence.
Frost & Sullivan said that the demand for a well-knit air travel infrastructure system and the increasing demand for low-cost travel are the main drivers for the implementation of open skies policies in the ASEAN region.