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Synonyms for well-grounded

based on good judgment, reasoning, or evidence

Synonyms for well-grounded

logically valid

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These arguments speak against conciliationism, but the article then goes on to defend a conciliatory view about well-grounded belief: when you believe p, and you have good reason to believe that your epistemic peer disagrees with you, you are not justified in believing p because that belief is no longer well-grounded.
Since the first election of President Obama in 2008, the well-grounded fear he would restrict ownership rights of guns and ammunition fueled panic buying reaching a peak shortly after the Newtown atrocity.
In this connection, he laid emphasis on the need "to wage a war on corruption," saying the system is the attribute of an active civil society which components seek to combat corruption and a judiciary well-grounded in corruption cases.
The well-grounded Java developer; vital techniques of Java 7 and Polyglot programming.
Ellie is really pleased that she has won these parts but she is a very well-grounded little girl and is very realistic.
It starts with getting a well-grounded education from experienced professionals boasting a long-standing track record of student successes.
Most QFIS graduates belong to diverse professional sectors, and are well-grounded in research and possess multiple professional and academic skills which enable them to excel in their practical and professional lives.
How George Osborne will respond to such well-grounded proposals is another matter, given his presumed reluctance to cede ground to arch critic and political enemy Ed Balls.
Therefore, charter school leaders and policy makers should regard the nine suggestions as speculation rather than well-grounded policy alternatives.
Thompson, an enthusiastic and well-grounded 18-year-old, beat Olympic 400metre champion Christine Ohuruogu into third place in Sunday's 150m street race in her home city of Manchester, narrowly losing out only to Jessica Ennis.
People need a well-grounded understanding of the business and depending on the role, we will provide them with the skills and training," said Chapman.
The claims in question are not just any old theological or psychological claims, but rather, well-grounded claims.
She told Dnevnik pumping an extra BGN300m - BGN350m into the NHIF should be very well-grounded and exact figures should be presented.
So while the Pakistani threat coming from India is historically well-grounded and lies at the core of Pakistan's concern, I think they are realistic in term
Perseverance, he said, is one of the best assets an entrepreneur can possess along with a resourceful mind and a well-grounded education.