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Synonyms for well-founded

Synonyms for well-founded

based on good judgment, reasoning, or evidence

Synonyms for well-founded

based on sound reasoning or evidence


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Having employed similar chance beginnings before--basing compositions on scraps of torn-up drawings in the manner of Hans Arp, for example, or veiling them in single colors to create pseudo-monochromes comparable to those of American painter John Zurier--De Keyser displays a quiet but well-founded confidence that his lyrical technique is itself strong enough to form the essential core of each work.
THE concerns expressed by Prof Patrick Minford in Wednesday's Daily Post ab out the demolition of the Churchill flyover and pedestrianisation to make way for trams are well-founded.
John Engler and backed by a well-founded array of business groups and conservative activists, if a drug had been approved by the FDA, its manufacturer cannot be sued in Michigan for any harm it may cause--even if the manufacturer knew in advance of potential hazards.
In long distance services, the report said although the CRTC's policy may be well-founded in serving the public interest, Timmins businesses were not benefitting from significant competition through deregulation in recent years.
Whatever the case, the abiding interest in effective auditor independence is always well-founded, as the investing public looks to competent and objective auditors for assurances about financial information.
Although this argument is well-founded, Bissell goes further, rejecting previous feminist interpretations of Artemisia's work.
Let us look into the four well-founded areas of concern that must be addressed to ensure the evolutionary progress of the event.
Many port workers in Latin America are afraid they are going to lose their jobs--and their fears are well-founded.
that does not constitute a well-founded fear of prosecution," said an administration official.
No major features: Big Kahuna, Five Senses, Affair of Love, Shower, Well-Founded Fear
Such an expectation would be well-founded, for Gothic romances and mesmerism prove to have had similar relationships to the cultures in which they briefly flourished, and both still appeal to our love of the fantastic.
Since the advent of PPS, many providers have maintained that payments are insufficient and are crippling the industry, and the Congressional Budget Office recently found that those complaints were well-founded.
TEI strongly urges Congress to defeat the proposal, which would upend centuries of well-founded legal experience, effectively overturn a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court of the United States confirming the application of the attorney-client privilege to corporations, and inject significant additional uncertainty into the tax law.
Sauvageau's concern for the lack of recognition of the Council's contribution in the larger sense is well-founded, as relatively few Canadians watch Canadian films, let alone read the end credits.
Senior citizens have two well-founded concerns: where they will turn if they become unable to care for themselves, and how they will pay for care if and when that day arrives.