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The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had is more than a guidebook to what to read in order to better oneself.
The heart of The Well-Educated Mind are the lists, covering six essential genres: fiction, autobiography, history, drama, poetry and science--arranged in that order, from the most familiar and comfortable (for most readers) to the most fear-provoking.
However, these similarities were only well within the well-educated, healthy circles.
She reminded students that although the nursing shortage has been reduced due to the economy and Baby Boomer nurses remaining in the workforce, they can't be complacent in advocating for well-educated nurses.
Clearly, not everyone in the UK can be a well-educated, 40-year-old woman, but you don't have to fit the typical profile of a very fulfilled worker in order to reach your full potential and feel more fulfilled in your career.
BEIRUT: British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher announced the launch of two alumni associations, both meant to "bring together some of the most talented and well-educated in Lebanon," according to an embassy statement.
However, the government has thus far failed to generate widespread optimism about employment opportunities among well-educated Chinese still living in China.
I applaud your efforts in educating and training the current and next generation of scientists and engineers under previously delegated authorities, and support the expansion of effort to develop well-educated, highly competent and highly relevant scientists and engineers for the national-security workforce of the future.
The nation's young, well-educated workforce assures human resources availability.
The contents of the student books support Russell's conviction that, beyond learning to play pieces, piano students should be well-educated in technique, theory, vocabulary and music history.
Large numbers of well-educated Ghanaians, for example, have migrated to Canada, the United States and Western Europe in search of economic opportunity.
It is astounding how many smart, well-educated, and well-paid people are underutilized by their companies," writes Susan Annunzio, chairman and CEO of the Hudson Highland Center for High Performance, and an adjunct professor of management at the University of Chicago School of Business in Contagious Success.
The heart of internationalization--pumped by well-educated, upper-class immigrant recruits primarily from Asia--also seems to be driving deeper wedges between African Americans and these more recent, affluent immigrants.
It doesn't matter that laypeople are now well-educated in theology.
The simple truth is that enormous numbers of well-educated, highly skilled white-collar workers are having tremendous trouble finding the kind of high-level, employment they've been trained for and the pay they feel they deserve.