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This meant that regardless of where the pregnant woman is in the world or where the child is born, an Asian baby could be at par with its Western counterpart if its mother was healthy, well-nourished and well-educated during her pregnancy.
What's more, many well-educated Chinese who have full- or part-time paying jobs feel they are underpaid; 40% of Chinese with a college education say they are not paid appropriately for the work they do, vs.
A majority are affluent, well-educated professionals from India, China and Africa who are bypassing downtown Cleveland for the suburbs.
Only about 17%--mostly well-educated and with high employment income ($60,000 or more)--had coverage in all three plans.
Clients are usually well-educated about their options, Gaston says, and often come in prepared to shell our much more at the outset for design amenities such as custom lighting and built-in units.
He also warns companies that they may need to radically revise their approach to human resources, for one, in order to accommodate the needs of a fussy, alienated yet well-educated new work force coming out of the universities.
In their new book, Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke dispel the myths about these new activists and explain how the resistance is well-educated, technologically savvy and restless.
It's crucial, then, that healthcare professionals become well-educated about its myriad physical manifestations-what they are and how they can be managed.
In Dickey's previous novels, most of the characters tend to be successful, affluent, well-educated African Americans--buppies who have struck it rich professionally, but struck out personally.
Most of the kids were white and had well-educated parents, at least one of whom was employed.
We found that women who are insured, well-educated, and middle- and high-income still see homophobia as a barrier, delay seeking health care, and aren't getting preventative screenings," said Ellen Kahn, director of Whitman-Walker's Lesbian Services Program.
By closely examining the diaries, memoirs, and letters of fifty mostly well-educated northern women born between 1887 and 1916, John Spurlock and Cynthia Magistro have reconstructed some of the key transformations in the emotional lives of middle-class American women in the three decades prior to World War II.
Many of them have long wished to tap into Marin's large, well-educated population in the hope of enlarging their support base.
Unfortunately, some well-educated police officer candidates discover that they are not "cut out" for police work only after they have been hired and are well into the field training process.
Tromso university (which must be the most northerly one in the world) is a worthy but grim place, a product of the 1960s explosion of university education set up on rather factory-like lines to produce urgently as many well-educated people as possible.