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(meat) cooked until there is no pink meat left inside

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He's a battler - tough as a well-done steak," said Broner (above with Rees).
Overall, the layout is uncluttered and well-done, but at points the photos interrupt the text, some photos do not match the text on the same page, and the sequence of photos defies the chronology.
Several epidemiological studies have shown a possible correlation between the consumption of well-done meats and different types of cancers in humans.
Sarah Burton is doing a well-done job of continuing McQueen's success and McQueen himself would be proud of this collection.
For medium/well and well-done steaks, I transfer the steak into a hot oven (200C), after sealing for 2' minutes on each side - four minutes for medium/well and six minutes for well-done.
Cook for a further 8-9 minutes depending on how well-done you like your egg.
Well-done as requested, it still retained not only its tenderness but juiciness as well.
It's really how the meat was cooked and how well-done it is that matter.
Only Science News had short, well-done, interesting pieces on all different science areas.
But it is a very well-done job of its kind, and that's a rare, good thing these days.
Although several studies have linked a Western diet--including a high intake of red meat--to an increased risk of prostate cancer, a large prospective cohort study has narrowed the risk to well-done or very well done meat.
Patrick's Eve, we sauntered into an Irish bar downtown (Coley's, now long gone) for a pint, song and something well-done and soggy, as I recall.
All the more reason, then, for this well-done account.
They continue by listing the features of a well-done systematic review:
Second, the phone calls he mentions are also a very essential part of this very well-done retelling of this story--as this is the only factual part of the story from the plane that we have that can toll this story.