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having a full, voluptuous figure

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Stefan Gerlach, deputy governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, said that the nation should promote a well-developed rental market.
You need a well-developed technology infrastructure as well as a company culture that adapts well to cross-boundary collaboration in order for DPD to work for you.
The author, who also hails from The Big Apple, makes good use of his own background in crafting this well-developed story of one boy's perilous journey to adulthood.
This wonderful artist, who lives in Kingsland, Georgia, has no concept of what it means to be such a well-developed artist at such a young age, yet his Dad, Scott Lamb, certainly does.
TM1 solutions empower users to respond immediately with answers to "what-if" analytic questions within their familiar, well-developed Excel environment, and with minimum IT resources for implementation and maintenance.
For international investors, Trinidad and Tobago offers a wealth of natural resources, a well-developed human resource base, and the benefits of trade agreements with countries throughout the region.
Hungary has a well-developed infrastructure, with strong electronics and automotive industries.
85 acres at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue East and South Avenue (State Route 28), the latter of which bisects the well-developed township of Cranford and serves as the focus of much of its commercial activity.
The program is intended to encourage less-experienced investigators, investigators at institutions without well-developed research traditions and resources, and experienced investigators for exploratory studies that represent a significant change in their research direction.
Cillo credits Agora's success in the Australian market to the country's well-developed list universe.
Likewise, some individuals may have very strong well-developed abs that are not visible because they are covered by a layer of fat and strong abdominal muscles.
A well-developed and healthy doctor-patient relationship provides unique understanding of the patient's situation, allowing more accurate diagnosis of problems, awareness of the relative contributions of physical and psychosocial factors, and greater effectiveness in affecting both physical and psychological needs.
A well-developed corporate culture unifies the company, the report notes, by providing a common language, integrated beliefs and behavior to govern labor-management relations, hiree profiles, performance and promotion criteria and work climate and management style.
The well-developed science of block copolymer physics can then be utilized to predict and control the formation of a myriad of nanostructures in ceramics.