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It is becoming increasingly clear that the settlement at Chlorakas-Palloures was an important settlement in the Chalcolithic period, with access to high quality flint and picrolite (used for figurines), metal artefacts, and large well-built houses," the antiquities department said.
I am also 80 now but in those days I was quite well-built and bronzed due to the type of work and remember getting regular waves from the girls in the offices of a well known company opposite.
This is a heavy-duty, well-built gun that will last a long, long time.
The man he was with was over six feet tall and well-built.
IT is very sad and distressing to see all the well-built properties throughout Grove Hill empty and boarded up.
A WELL-BUILT man who pushed a woman who was walking alone along a dirt track at night is being sought by police.
The woman told the police that she saw a tall, well-built man in his forties and wearing a Pakistani dress walking up to her from behind.
The attacker is described as in his mid 30s, well-built, with short, light-coloured hair.
He is white, well-built, about 5ft 10in tall, in his early 20s, with a round face and short dark spiky hair.
These ill-reputed men, Haja Samia said, were well-built, handsome, good-looking, good dancers, and spoke a foreign language or two.
But the well-built forward was replaced by Walid Soliman in the second half as Egypt slumped to a disappointing draw with their visitors.
She is a long way from my image of Violetta, who is certainly not a well-built girl," the Telegraph quoted Zeffirelli, who added that she was too old to convincingly appear in a tale of youthful passion, as saying.
The trainer said yesterday: "It's a big weight, but they used to carry a fair bit more and he is a well-built horse.
The KeyChoc range is Keylink's response to the growing demand in the marketplace for well-designed, well-built, reliable machinery, but at a realistic price.
The young Rosehues consist of dizzy Beatrix (Corryn Cummins), experiencing a ``feminine awakening,'' particularly as she spies on the well-built Anderson son.