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(of books) having a sturdy and attractive binding

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It is well-bound, beautifully produced, and easy to consult.
It gives a soft texture to a product with a well-bound but light structure.
While the book is designed in a clear typeface, printed on add-neutral paper, and well-bound, the presentation is marred by an uneven page layout, with a top margin of one-half inch and a bottom margin of nearly two inches on many pages.
But after three years work, costing pounds 13 million, surely we might have expected something more than well-bound history.
The bibliography, the various indices, and the pleasing presentation of these in a well-bound book are a credit to both the editors and the publisher.
Nokia's new Flexi ISN redefines GGSN as an intelligent edge server that integrates content and service-aware charging features with the latest QoS mechanisms in a well-bound package, moving Nokia to a leadership position.