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Synonyms for well-behaved

Synonyms for well-behaved

(usually of children) someone who behaves in a manner that the speaker believes is correct


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GET IN TOUCH Rudry, Caerphilly CF83 3EB, Tel: 02920 882372 THE WOODLANDS TAVERN, NEAR CHEPSTOW Dogs are welcome in the bar and the landlord of the Woodlands says there could even be a biscuit or two if they're well-behaved.
99per cent of Scots would quite happily solve this reader's perceived problem by letting a well-behaved guide dog into the cafe then tie people like the reader up outside to lick his or her own body parts.
I was very well-behaved at school, because I worried about giving my parents any trouble more than anything else," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.
This is a criminal sanction for well-behaved people and is nothing short of slavery.
Bo the black Lab is a well-behaved dog and has fabulous house manners, is calm and listens well.
He has never been in trouble before, not even with school, and is generally a well-behaved boy.
Dear Editor, I find it irritating that teachers tell us how our children should behave, demanding attendance and ensuring they are well-behaved, only to go on strike, forcing schools to close to the detriment of our children's education.
WHEN I got a gold, I felt really good just to be well-behaved and have a treat.
Washington is considering a measure to allow, but not require, bars and restaurants with liquor licenses to welcome dogs, as long as they accompany their owners and remain well-behaved and leashed.
Furious -- in an ever so well-behaved way, of course -- Walter gives Kitty the choice of a scandalous divorce or accompanying him to the village of Mei-tan-fu, where he's going to combat a cholera outbreak.
No police attended the charity concert and although fans were described as being wildly enthusiastic, there was no trouble and residents living nearby to the stadium praised them for being well-behaved.
Whether his name is Tommy, Ali, Yanti or Mega, if he or she has completed two-thirds of the prison term and has been well-behaved, he or she automatically gets a conditional release,'' Kalla said.
Some guys might "just do that" but as long as there are girls and well-behaved guys who show outrage and disgust at such inappropriate actions, these low-life characters should get the cold shoulders they deserve.