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free from psychological disorder

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Thistle is a 2-year-old female who is a very easy-going, well-adjusted, playful, talkative and affectionate cat.
Excellent crew work and a well-adjusted boat was the synopsis from Division 2 winner Rostant on EPI Mattafix, which kept them in front of Mike Jelfs on MACE.
One might argue that a well-adjusted young work-forcis important to the economy, but if you go down that road you can argue that almost anything is an economic issue.
Dogs are only to be rewarded by judges for being healthy examples of their breed, the Kennel Club said, adding that this year's Crufts competition would be a showcase for healthy, well-adjusted dogs.
David Dutwin, author of Unplug Your Kids: A Parent's Guide to Raising Happy, Active, and Well-Adjusted Children in the Digital Age, published by Adams Media, "January is always a time when kids' media habits dramatically increase.
Generation text; raising well-adjusted kids in an age of instant everything.
The website's owners might think the people that use this are well-adjusted.
A fundamental building-block guide to raising healthy and well-adjusted children.
Edwards in a cartoon style that is perfect for children ages 3 to 6, "The I Like Me Dance" by Tim Friedlander is the latest title in the Playdate Kids Publisher series of picturebook titles showcasing the behavioral and psychological skills kids need to grow up into healthy and well-adjusted adults.
s, from the well-adjusted to psychopaths, from Yemenis to Canadians.
Any plans to play a well-adjusted character in the future?
An eye-opening and thought-provoking approach to the mental and emotional challenges of raising well-adjusted, well-rounded children prepared to follow their own dreams in today's complex world.
a bevy of loving parents showing up with their cute, well-adjusted kids?
Non-Chinese officials who interviewed Wang in Germany, predictably, found him to be entirely sane and remarkably well-adjusted for a veteran of Beijing's psychiatric gulag.
A vibrant story of self-discovery and learning what it means to become a well-adjusted adult.