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Synonyms for welkin

the celestial regions as seen from the earth

Synonyms for welkin

the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected

References in classic literature ?
Five times in the last fortnight he's had threatening letters left at my flat, and I can't even find out who leaves them, let alone if it is Welkin himself.
Perhaps you might care to come with me; I can go to my rooms and sort out these queer Welkin documents, while you run round and get your friend the detective.
As Angus proceeded to tell the whole tale of Smythe and Welkin, beginning with Laura's story, and going on with his own, the supernatural laugh at the corner of two empty streets, the strange distinct words spoken in an empty room, Flambeau grew more and more vividly concerned, and the little priest seemed to be left out of it, like a piece of furniture.
First, there was the fact that this Welkin went for long walks.
Do you really mean to say," asked Flambeau, with energy, "that Welkin carried his rival's letters to his lady?
For women in positions of responsibility, whether in cabinet or parliament or outside parliament, they bring a difference and it works very welkin terms of complementarity.
North Western & The Welkin 5The WETHERSPOON has won awards for not skimping on the quality of its toilets.
In the 7th Umm Al Quwain Premier T20 League, Al Jabeen Cricket Club emerged triumphant defeating Welkin Group by 28 runs.
Dennis Nguyen, co-founder, Vice Chairman of Huy Vietnam and Chairman of New Asia Partners , a Hong Kong-based private equity group and one of Huy Vietnam's shareholders, comments, "We are pleased to bring on recognized investment firms, Templeton Strategic Emerging Markets Fund IV, LDC ("Templeton"), Welkin Capital ("Welkin") and Prosperous Alliance ("Prosperous Alliance"), with the close of this Series C round of equity fundraising.
is not always careful in this regard, as when he bids Mamillius "look on me with your welkin eye," and emphasises the adjective as if the boy had an eye in reserve of some other tint than the purest azure.
One day, we hope to see every household charging phones, processing food, and pumping water with pedal power," said Mr Blood and Mr Welkin.
The only signals that you're in the right spot are the trawler doors sitting out by a loading dock and a weathered National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration logo--the gull, sea, and sky all beginning to fade to pale shades of welkin and lapis.
Bunch groups of three or five together with ribbon and use around the whole room ||Use fake snow to give last year's artificial tree a fresh look ||Use glitter glue and ribbon to give your old decorations a make- What we used: Wall paint Welkin blue PS31.
Mony clustered clowde clefalle in clowtes, Torent uch a rayn ryfle and msched to the urthe, Fon never in forty dayes, and then the flod ryses, Overwaltes uche a wod and the wyde feldes; For when the water of the welkin with the worde mette, Alle that deth moght dryye drowned therinne (C 365-372).