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Synonyms for welkin

the celestial regions as seen from the earth

Synonyms for welkin

the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected

References in classic literature ?
As Angus proceeded to tell the whole tale of Smythe and Welkin, beginning with Laura's story, and going on with his own, the supernatural laugh at the corner of two empty streets, the strange distinct words spoken in an empty room, Flambeau grew more and more vividly concerned, and the little priest seemed to be left out of it, like a piece of furniture.
First, there was the fact that this Welkin went for long walks.
Do you really mean to say," asked Flambeau, with energy, "that Welkin carried his rival's letters to his lady?
Tenders are invited for Construction of rcc retaining wall at back side of welkin apartment in prakashnagar extension in 149-begumpet corporate division, under div-18a, ghmc,sec-bad (recall)
It was first entitled Hark How All the Welkin Rings - welkin being an old word meaning sky or heaven.
We leave all things To reach the rim of the round welkin, Heaven's hermitage, high and lonely.
Graham Hatfull, Welkin Pope, Dan Russell, and Debbie Jacobs-Sera, as well as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, for supporting the SEA-PHAGES program.
The final was exciting with GMS pulling off a six run win over Welkin Warriors.
Together with our digital health partner Welkin Health, we've created an addiction-specific technology platform, AXIS[TM], that offers tools for remote engagement, continuous support and outcomes measurement.
Sun Wukong was not only the chief disciple of Tang Monk, before he was pressed under Five Elements Mountain he had been Great Sage Equaling Heaven in the welkin and Handsome Monkey King in Mountain of Flowers and Fruits.
Best funny aliens: A toss-up between Norbert in Richard Scrimger's The Nose from Jupiter and Welkin in K.
Struck with the voice of thundering Jupiter; Wrapt in the bowels of a freezing cloud, Fighting for passage, makes the welkin crack, Raves in Egyptia, and annoyeth us (Marlowe 1 Tamburlaine, 4.
For women in positions of responsibility, whether in cabinet or parliament or outside parliament, they bring a difference and it works very welkin terms of complementarity.