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of or relating to a welfare state

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This alternative will be analyzed in two steps: first, consideration of the welfarist perspective more generally, and second, examination of some implications of pursuing truth instead of consequences.
Ironically, to Wacquant, the economic deregulation and retreat of the state from its welfarist function led to an increase in its punitive function, "managing" its poor through criminalization and incarceration, rather than providing them with opportunities for labor and mobilization.
14) This is sometimes derived from extremist animal welfarist beliefs.
In advancing this argument, they reject two major alternative frameworks for animal protection--the welfarist and the ecological.
However, in the Irish context confinement was not motivated solely by welfarist principles, which partly explains why institutional residents remained a sizeable proportion of the population until the 1950s (See Fig.
I focus on welfarist concerns in this Part and turn to autonomy in the following Part.
Compassion in World Farming has had a report produced by a leading animal welfarist on its impact on the welfare of livestock (ciwf.
Following Sen and Williams, this is characterisable as utilitarianism in the guise of welfarist consequentalism (1982, 3).
Murray does not distinguish between what I consider a truly social democratic model of relatively high but broadly based taxes combined with broad and honest provision of universal public services and a welfarist model of no-strings-attached entitlement to means-tested benefits.
Although a lot of people may think that Singer supports a rights-based view, he bases vegetarian lifestyle on an animal welfarist and a hedonistic utilitarian position rather than on any claim about of killing animals being wrong.
most European states have a far more social welfarist state than the USA.
In recent years, aid projects and programs have tended to focus increasingly on helping to keep people alive by ensuring those in need are provided with sufficient (nutritious) food, clean water, and essential medicines as part of a wider shift toward using a rising share of aid to address short-term individual welfarist needs.
Bill that ushered in the subsidization of higher education, continued to encourage the notion that the federal government could fund welfarist schemes outside its constitutional purview, as long as the alleged greater good was being; served.
Some critics possess a strong welfarist bent, suggesting the need for a strong state in order to meet a population's survival and developmental needs.
For example, in his brief discussion of Colin Fraser's welfarist management strategies, Adams portrays suggested reforms as 'actions to help rectify the situation'.