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of or relating to a welfare state

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Nevertheless, we caution against interpreting our approach from a welfarist perspective.
Those entering a welfarist programme go through a screening (12) process.
They also faced a resurgent postcommunist organization determined to recapture power not as Leninists but as state socialists with a welfarist agenda.
Kodak was, of course, the archetypal welfarist firm.
The institutionist approach, with its emphasis on financial self-sufficiency and institutional scale, appears to have gained ascendancy over the welfarist approach, with its emphasis on direct poverty alleviation among the very poor.
They are the liberal, pluralist, welfarist, nationalist and Arendtian conceptions of citizenship, and he looks at why each of them falls short of a satisfactory solution to his conundrum.
From the standpoint of the ruling classes in the core capitalist nation-states, the required `economic restructuring' could not be achieved through any re-consolidation of the welfarist order of Fordism and Keynesian class compromise.
One solution appears to exclude welfarist calculations from the values honored by a moral system (Weiss 1989).
He added that Europe is no longer as burdened by welfarist policies.
But if so, then what kind of welfarist is Marx, assuming that welfare translates into preference satisfaction?
And he develops a desert-based approach to equality of opportunity for welfare, which, since it appeals to information about degrees of effort is not welfarist in the strict sense.
It's not aimed at the fat cat corporate welfarist - Aid To Dependent Corporations, so to speak.
6) While thre is not a single radical approach, what the radicals do have in common is a conviction that the welfarist acceptance of the inferior moral status of non-human animals is flawed.
Dikwa is also believed to be a humanist and a welfarist who has touched several souls that were badly affected by insurgency.
30) Whether a welfarist should embrace consistent choice paternalism in settings of this type depends on the strength of the evidence that the choices of the consistent choosers are mistaken.