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a government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc

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By all accounts, Wisdom was reluctant to write herself into welfare state history, often downplaying her work and deliberately staying under the public radar.
Behind the smokescreen of benefit caps and disgraceful "shirker" smears is a Tory Party destroying the welfare state on which we all rely, in good times and bad.
and follows up with a pair of essays discussing the development of the welfare state in Italy and Greece.
In 2010, the NORFACE Network committed itself to launching a new innovate joint research programme on Welfare State Futures.
These are the results of a supplementary survey in which roe and Petersen first asked the test subjects to state their position regarding the welfare state - and then they gave them money, which they could choose to keep for themselves or share with a fellow test subject.
Former senior advisor to World Bank, Fateh M Choudhary said that Quaid wanted to take the country to new economic destination in the shape of a welfare state.
Considering proposals to reform the welfare state, it was screened during the passage through Parliament of the coalition Government's Welfare Reform Bill.
However, today we are fighting to keep the NHS and Welfare State.
The Tories want to reduce the welfare state and local government to an absolute minimum, privatising schools, hospitals, all local government services; whereas Labour see the welfare state as a necessary safety net for those vulnerable people unable to work or protect themselves.
While their survival rests on several economic, political, and social factors, the editors of The Future of the Welfare State assert that welfare policies need to be "rooted in ordinary people's attitudes, preferences, and willingness to maintain welfare arrangements" (p.
This special issue of the Cato Journal examines the influence of the welfare state on Europe's economic crisis, the reforms necessary to end that crisis, and the lessons America can learn.
Ed Miliband summoned the ghost of 19th century Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli at his party conference in October, but the new man of the moment is William Beveridge, founder of the welfare state.
stm) 70 years since the publication of the Beveridge Report , a landmark document that is credited with the birth of Britain's welfare state.
Changes to disability benefits are part of a concerted attack on the Welfare State by the Coalition Government.