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a government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc

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A couple of years ago, drawing on recent pension reforms, we described the German welfare state as being in a state of transition towards an "uncertain something else" (Lamping and Rub 2004).
Our welfare state must be one of the finest in the world but it would appear that it is being bled dry.
Approaches to the welfare state have evolved from the 'social protection state' paradigm to the 'enabling state'.
First, there is no evidence to suggest that if conservatives agree not to try to roll back the welfare state, liberals will agree to restrain its growth.
The existence of the welfare state --especially for its financing mode--is an illustration of a setting wherein the government is led by positive entropy towards beneficiaries and negative entropy towards taxpayers.
On balance, then, the northwestern European welfare state is not only compatible with globalization but has even thrived because of it.
Known as the silent generation, the older generation born between 1926 and 1945 have become the biggest net contributors to the system, having started paying their taxes around the time the modern welfare state was created, the Resolution Foundation said.
The Foundation said pressures on welfare spending will grow sharply from the early 2020s as more of the large generation of baby boomers reach retirement and start to draw more heavily on the welfare state.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman History department of Punjab University Prof Dr Mohammad Iqbal Chawala Monday said continuity in system and leadership could make Pakistan a welfare state.
She follows a broader trend among political historians who locate the origins of key elements of contemporary conservatism in the South by chronicling a proactive campaign of "conservative welfare state building" that undermined welfare state logic and left intact an increasingly insecure labor market (7).
Kaptaan has made a firm commitment that his Naya Pakistan will be a welfare state.
They unite the applied empirical concerns of traditional social policy scholarship with the broader theoretical perspectives found in comparative political economy and macro-sociology in order to explain how the intensification of global economic competition has influenced the direction of welfare state reform in the OECD countries in recent decades.
Objective: In times of austerity, the politics of the welfare state involve tough choices and even trade-offs: whose risks should benefit from social solidarity in a context of shrinking resources Should the welfare state prioritize the needs of the elderly or those of the young Those of people in the workforce or outside of the workforce Of natives or of immigrants How countries answer these key questions depends on the welfare state priorities of citizens, political elites and economic elites.
IN THIS EVOCATIVE, thoughtfully crafted, and engagingly written political biography of social worker Jane Wisdom, Suzanne Morton traces the large historical processes of liberal welfare state expansion and the professionalization of social work through the life and career of one individual woman.