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a case for a welfare worker


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Often, our animals come to us as welfare cases, having been neglected, or where their owner can no longer care for them through no fault of the pets.
In child welfare, for example, the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems (SACWIS) regulations, which specify the conditions under which states can receive federal matching funds to build and operate child welfare case management systems, place burdens on states that make it difficult to invest in up-to-date technologies to improve outcomes while saving time and money.
Finally, treat cases like the one the California court just ruled on as child welfare cases, rather than as educational issues.
The first was a series of field interviews that I conducted with twenty social service professionals (including welfare case workers, non-profit workers, and community advocates) about service barriers and service trends for Haitian immigrants.
Danish legislation takes that on board and our people believe there is a welfare case for allowing some confinement during the early stages of pregnancy.
He says Kirkland Lake has been portrayed in the media as an economic welfare case, "so down on its luck that it would take anything" to revive economic prosperity.
While delivering drugs to a fetus is not a crime in Illinois, it does fall under the definition of neglect, giving the state a reason to open a child welfare case, said John Goad, associate deputy director of child protection for Cook County for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.
The ABC affiliate in San Francisco, KGO, interviewed a black mother of four children--an atypical welfare case.
Another down side to people moving into Oregon is a "sharp increase" in welfare case loads, which are approaching 100,000 for the first time.
This collaboration has resulted in our development agreement and the introduction of a new solution for child welfare case management.
strengthening existing family treatment courts to bring them to capacity and improve the outcomes for the families they serve; and development of new protocols for family courts when they see a child welfare case that involves sud.
In my welfare case working days some needed to have alterations to their homes to fit stair lifts and walk-in showers.
The Australian is banned from the NRL for 12 months over a players' welfare case Down Under, but last week penned a three-year deal at Cronulla for his return.
Scottish SPCA chief inspector Brian Cowing said: "In my 32 years working here, this is by far the worst animal welfare case I have dealt with.
22 ( ANI ): The municipality of Stavanger will seek to clarify the next steps to be taken in this case in dialogue with the lawyer, the private parties and Stavanger District Court, since new developments in the child welfare case involving two Indian children make it impossible to carry out the hearing in Stavanger District Court that was scheduled for March 23.