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Synonyms for weld

Synonyms for weld

European mignonette cultivated as a source of yellow dye

United States abolitionist (1803-1895)

a metal joint formed by softening with heat and fusing or hammering together

join together by heating

unite closely or intimately

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The FSW process has been used to make welds in aluminum up to 3-inch (76.
The typical measured bead sizes of welded automotive components such as air intake manifolds are in the range of 3-4 mm, and are similar to the bead sizes observed in research butt welds (4).
Figure 2 shows the scanning electron micrographs of the fractured tensile test specimens of the weld, laid out with the same parameters, using the developed as well as the parent acidic flux.
In most cases, tensile tests were performed on the welds.
On the other hand, this technology introduces special preparation of the welds as well as their positioning during the welding process.
Advanced fully digital power supplies provide precise control of process variables and weld quality, reducing standard deviation and increasing Cpk index of welding.
total heat input has been decreased by 25 percent while overall mechanical weld properties have been improved by these systems.
The hybrid laser-arc process could be realized using two different layouts for heat sources, or rather laser source could be the first that welds the metal (Laser leading hybrid process) or the last one (Arc leading hybrid process).
A NEW, groundbreaking internal weld inspection system has been launched that inspects the internal size and shape of girth welds on pipes that are destined for use in deep sea subsea oil and gas applications.
Adding GMAW to the welding mix also enhances a finished part's metallurgical stability, and with GMAW's slower cooling rates, produces welds with greater strength and less brittleness.
Specifically, FEA is being used by processors who encounter problems in achieving successful welds in assembly.
The structural welds at the bottom were the biggest I-beams I've ever seen,'' Coronel said.